We entered a contest and they decided to play dirty... Well we will show them a fight they will never forget!

We shall rise up from the ashes and show them what Corgi Spirit can do!!!!

I decided to switch things up a bit. Since we're doing this to help with Roxi's vet bills I decided to add Roxi as the contestant instead.

So... I give you... VOTE FOR ROXI!

http://shar.es/X1Wyx  - Click the link and add a vote ONCE PER DAY till Jan 31st!

We may have lost the fight.. but we haven't lost the war!!

disclaimer: pppllleeasseee!! No cheating! It's very sweet you want us to win but that's what got us in trouble in the first place. :) Thanks!

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I was just thinking about this - this morning! I was trying to figure out how to get more word out there to help with the battle.


You all have been doing such great helping out with this! and we're slowly moving up in the ranks! Just one more month to go and it still seems so far to get up there!


Keep it up! Woof! :)



Voted...Go Roxi


Note to myself: 12-21-10....12:35pm

done, I am very late coming to this.   Have you alerted the other corgi sites?
I've posted on my blog and on facebook. I haven't directly asked any other sites to post information about it but I did try to post it to the dailycorgi facebook since it's open and it never showed.
12-23-10 .....  11:03
We're with Roxi.  And that IS a cute photo!
Yay! Thank you :) She was so good about wearing that outfit after she got used to it.

Just voted - and in case anyone is interested here are the standings as of 12/23 @ 8:46PM.  Can we get Roxy to the top?!


Chino 3,867 1st
Luci 3,831 2nd
Mya 2,299 3rd
Tatwo 1,677 4th
Bennet 963 5th
Mocha 939 6th
Roxi 680 7th
Voted 12-24....11:50am

Just gave Roxi, the 700th vote....GO ROXI!!!! 


Note to myself:  12:46 December 25th



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