We entered a contest and they decided to play dirty... Well we will show them a fight they will never forget!

We shall rise up from the ashes and show them what Corgi Spirit can do!!!!

I decided to switch things up a bit. Since we're doing this to help with Roxi's vet bills I decided to add Roxi as the contestant instead.

So... I give you... VOTE FOR ROXI!

http://shar.es/X1Wyx  - Click the link and add a vote ONCE PER DAY till Jan 31st!

We may have lost the fight.. but we haven't lost the war!!

disclaimer: pppllleeasseee!! No cheating! It's very sweet you want us to win but that's what got us in trouble in the first place. :) Thanks!

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Still voting daily.
Thank you all for helping out so much! I wish I could magically close the gap between us and that cat... We're making a good attempt though!
Voted for today. How often do they update the scores.  It seems like Roxi has been at 896 votes for a couple of days.

It sure does seem like Roxi's votes are moving up slow!  I voted for today!

Voted for 11.19.11

Voted 1.20.11!

Done for today!

Well.. I just wanted to say I greatly appreciate.. and wanted to thank everyone who gave their best to helping us try to win this contest.


You can't win them all. Especially with hiccups but oh well. I think it will be a looooong time before I try something like this again :) There are too many ways for people to cheat online.


You all are so wonderful for doing this and I'm always astounded at the great heart fellow corgi owns have. :)


Thank you!!

We'll get them next time :)


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