Hello all...
So Charlie (yellow lab) and Alex (corgi) came home from doggy camp today
A van dropped them off at the house (FYI it was snowing HARD)
I let Charlie inside, and then I went to go hold Alex and I closed the door and locked myself outside
(I wasn't wearing any shoes, I was barefoot)
so I walked around in the snow for a while and then I got to the garage... finally
This isn't really a discussion... just an unfortunate story :( but Alex was happy she got to be cuddled and didn't have to walk on the cold ground
so now, Im thawing out my toes! :) lol
And Alex is sitting in her chair- recovering from the crazy experience! What a drama queen! :)

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You poor thing! I'm am terrified of doing that! We have a sliding glass door in the back of our house and our cat has been known to pull the lock down. In the summer time, I can deal. Winter...I think I'd be calling 911 or something!! :)
Brr, makes me cold reading the story!! Hope you are warmed up now!! : )
I HATE COLD WEATHER i would've died haha. corgis are so spoiled <3
Burrrr!!! I've done that and forgot to grab the cell phone on my way out but atleast I had shoes on but no coat and just a T-shirt. Thank goodness for close neighbors being home.
Wait a minute, there is a doggy camp with drop of service, how cool.
Gotta love those drama queens....and what a good mom you are to give her something to talk about next time at day camp!!!LOL


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