Does any have a tattoo of their corgi?

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no but i do have a dachshund tattoo. I'd love to get a corgi tattoo, not necessarily of mine.
No but I think I would have to have it done on my rear to fit all 7 of them. LOL
That is too funny. I on the other hand would have to get more Corgis to cover my rear. LOL.
I would get a tattoo of my Corgi but they are so expensive around here. We have a great tat artist in town and I bet for enough cash he could do a great Leo tat.
Yup, Bubba and El-A does, check out this photo and this photo.
Gwynnie wants a tatoo -- "BORN TO FRAP" under a skull & crossbones (a dog skull), but I vetoed the idea. We'd have to shave her for the tattoo, and then it wouldn't even show after her fur grows back.
Maybe she can have it on her lip, that's cool now.
On her LIP!?!? No way. You're talkin' to a guy who went through college with a slide rule.
I am going to get a heart with a paw in it, will post when it's done.
How about a pawfrint with the centerpad heart-shaped?
Gwynnie wants a tatoo of a piece of bacon. Doesn't have to LOOK like bacon -- just SMELL like bacon.
Dad says no; she'd get tired of every dog in the neighborhood following her around all the time.
Wow... Gwynnie is a rebel. You better watch her or she's going to hook up with some motorcycle gang.


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