Does any have a tattoo of their corgi?

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My best friend got the heart/paw print image. I'll ask her more about it when I see her today.

My daughter should set up a booth at the Folklife Festival and sell these things.
That is really neat looking. Incorporate the name w/in the design.
The 2009 Corgi Sharpie tat... at least it's s'pozed to be a corgi...
My daughte did this in less than 5 minutes.

Your daughter is very talented. I love that!
No, but I'm toying with the idea. I thought of a portrait-type, but I'm too afraid the artist would screw it up. Maybe something more impressionist...
Here is the heart in the paw pad design:

This design with the colors looks awesome:

And I think this one is cool:

The one with the wings it's beautiful.
Another vote for the wing!
Hands down..the paw w/the wings. Wind beneath my wings!!!
My next tattoo is going to be Doug and I in an old fashioned two person cessna with a banner of "Doug is my co-pilot."


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