Does any have a tattoo of their corgi?

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actually i'm getting 1/4 sleeve tattooed on my right shoulder down my arm with just random stuff i've designed. one of the things is gonna be little bear's paw print.
Awesome :-)
haha, thanks. i had the idea when bear spilled paint and stepped in it and then all over my floor of all things, lol!
I've been toying w/ getting something for my corgis, but hadn't come up w/ a design yet. I really like the paw and wings. I have a full back phoenix coming out of the fire, so a corgi wing would continue the flight motif!! I hope you'll post your sleeve, even in progress!!!
I think I'll do a modified wing one, once my Bruce goes to the Rainbow Bridge. I'll have his name in script beneath the paw. But hopefully that won't happen for a long time yet!
No, but I'm getting Winston's paw print on my left foot when I have the money for it :)
Haven't got it yet, but have narrowed it down to a heart with a paw print inside the heart.
I have Jack's name and a paw print on my left wrist. :D

I attempted to get his actual paw print, but his toe hair was too long, and he kept biting us. Lol.

Great tatt!!!
I've defiantly thought about getting something just like this! Do you get a lot of skepticism?
Yes and no. It depends on where I am.

I have to cover it for job interviews and stuff, but otherwise, people love it! :D v


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