I recently purchased a FURminator for Tank.. Because I hear that they shed horribly. Have any of you ever bought / used one? And does it hurt them? I have read hundreds of reviews on them, and everyone just rants and raves about amazing it is and yada yada.. So I figured, eh why not!

Any words of wisdom? Lol


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I also rave about it. It's the best for really clearing out the underbrush of their coat. My method when they are really blowing their coats is to do a little every day or every other day -- I'll spend 10 minutes furminating the chubby turkey legs one day, and the backs the next, and neck/front legs the next. They love it, I love it, and the birds love it, because we brush outside and they use the fur for their little nests. You will be AMAZED at how much fur you get off of them, and how pretty and sleek they look. Once they are settled back into regular voluminous shedding and not putting out those wads of fur, I will furminate once or twice a week. I'm thinking I should use the fur to create some kind of giant Corgi sculpture, there sure is enough of it!
Oh yes!!! Use the furminator! Like Susan, I brush the dogs (yes, dogs......lots of hair) outside when they are blowing their coats. Birds love the fur for their nests.
I just gave Duncan a good brushing last weekend, and the neighbor asked my husband if we gave Duncan a shave. He couldn't believe how much hair came off him, and he still has plenty left. He gets another real good brushing this weekend. I've just been giving him a swipe or two the last couple of days.
Yes, it's in the FAQ :)
Okies! Awesum! I just have a few other questions lol.. How often should I use the furminator on him? And should I brush him with a regular brush first?

Thanks !!!!
- Mandy
Yes you should use a regular wire brush first. Use furminator once a week. Make sure you read the instruction first, do not brush it like regular brush.
I only use the furminator, myself. I will use a comb, but only if I'm looking for ticks (we have rampant ticks up here in NW Conn.). The frequency is really up to you, and how much shedding you're dealing with. When they blow their coats, you can really go for broke, but in between, maybe once a week or thereabouts is what I do.
Our clan gets "furminated" about every other week. We have a short coat rake that is good for getting the loose hair the Furminator sheds. (I don't know about y'all, but our group can shed up a storm. Sometimes it even clogs the Furminator. The coat rake comes in handy for that.) You'll love it.


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