I actually adopted my guy from this exact same shelter about a year ago.  In fact, this guy, Willy, and my corgi look so extremely alike that I'm thinking that they might be brothers!  As well, Hermiston is not a huge town so it's a little troubling that two corgis that look so much alike have been dumped in this area.  Anyway, I wish I could adopt this guy for myself but I'm heading off to college soon and 1 corgi is going to be enough for me to responsibly handle.

Unfortunately there is not much information provided on Willy, but he definitely looks to be purebred and of adult age.  As for the shelter itself, I know it to be a small, family run operation and the adoption was very easy for me.

Here is his link: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/23201941


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I've been drooling over this guy for a few days now.. Why do I gotta be broke?!!?!?!?!?!?!? Lol.. I woulda already had him if I coulda <3 Hope he gets a wonderful home!

He's a good looking fellow.  I'm sure someone close by there will find him irresistible!

Posted to My FB have friends up in Oregon who are pup lovers.Hope he finds a forever home soon.
After posting on My FB page,I got a message that it may carry malware!Be careful,corgi owners.I deleted it and check for bugs.I'll check with My close by Oregon buddies to make sure they get the message out about the corgi,that is,if it's a real dog,after getting that scary message.

It's definitely a real dog, I'm sure it's not the petfinder.com website that causing mal-ware issues.  I've adopted from this shelter before and millions have used petfinder.com to search for future pets.  I've had numerous issues with facebook however so I'm going to guess that any issue dealing with bugs or viruses is coming from that end and not the other.


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