I got this e-mail this morning and I'm hoping we can help these two corgis find a good home. I sent an e-mail to Mary with the Sunshine Corgi Rescue website and that I created this post. If you are interested or need more information, I have Mary's phone number. I just didn't want to post it to the internets without her permission. Here is her e-mail about the two corgis sad situation:

Looking for a nice family or couple for two Corgis. They have been living the good life on Treasure Island on St. Pete Beach til their owner passed away two months ago. They are not outside dogs, I think they have lived "the good life" so trying to find a similar furever home for them. In case you know a professional or professional couple. The girl is very playful  but the male more reserved. They don't have to go together to a new home, but it sure would be nice. The female has been with the male for three years, so I am sure they are bonded. Let me know if you have anyone that may be a good fit for these to and I can put you in contact with the neighbors who are caring for the dogs.  

We don't want to put them on craigslist, there are just too many whackos out there...(:  trying to just go word of mouth to folks we know.  

Please see below, this is a plea from the kind neighbors who are currently feeding these two dogs, who are in an empty house. Neighbors have allergies so they are not able to have the dogs in their home or spend lots of time with them. ):  

I can't imagine the loneliness the dogs feel...

Please pass this email on to all dog lovers and dog owners alike, so that they can do the same.  There is great power in email and it only needs to reach the right one or two people.  

Thank you,

Mary Claire

(Neighbor's message below)

I am writing this e-mail in hopes to find a loving family/families for our deceased neighbor’s dogs. Dick was a wonderful man who loved his 2 Corgis very much and we are taking care of them since his passing. Seen in the attachments, Tyke is the larger Corgi , he is 8 ½ years old and would best be in a home with older children or all adults. Cassie is a spitfire that would really be fun for young children or a very active home. She is also 8 ½ years old. They both are up to date with their rabies vaccines and shots. They have been together for the past 3 years but they would be ok if separated.  Even if you are not interested in having an addition to your family please pass it along to anyone you feel may love to have a new companion in their lives or would have any connection to someone who would. There is no cost involved just a hope to find them a home where they will be taken care of the way Dick would have wanted, where they will be loved and happy.
Thank you for your time,

Russ and Valerie   

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