After a year of going back and forth about adding a second corgi to our home, it has happened!!!  After thinking that we would be just as happy as having one corgi, along came Tucker in the shelter within 20 minutes of our house!  My hubby sent the link to me through instant messenger and the next day my daughter and I were there to see Tucker, and then went back home to get Lance to see how Tucker and him would interact there.  Lance and Tucker for the most part ignored each other, but of course did the usual sniffing of each other. 


A few days later (March 6) we set up a home visit to see how they would be at the house.  We went for a walk and then came back to play, they played like they were long lost friends!!! <3   The volunteer from the shelter who brought Tucker for the house visit, would have adopted him if only her other corgi got along with Tucker.  The visit was about to end and we both were feeling comfortable with Lance and Tuckers interactions.  She gave us the option of adopting him right then and there!!!  I was a bit surprised that we would get him so fast, but thinking about it later, it made sense.  What would be the point of sending Tucker back to the shelter just for a day to think about it. 


Tucker is such a sweet boy, as is Lance, looking forward to them getting along many years to come from now.  We will need to work with Tucker and his training, such as lay down, sit, etc. He definately knows his name.  I really have a feeling this was just mean to be.  What a great feeling it is to have rescued him.  <3 <3   Such a different experience than raising a pup since their puppyhood like we did Lance. 


Tucker seems so laid back, as he watches Lance run around making a bunch of noise cause someones out front or he heard something, he zips past Tucker barking a few times and Tucker just looks, like what is the big deal,lol. 


We had company over for the first time with Tucker and Lance.  Lance is very barky when we have company over, almost like he doesnt settle down.  I put a note on the door, not to pay attention to Tucker and Lance until Lance was quiet, only had to remind my mother in law not to talk to Lance until he was calm.  I think it worked, Lance actually calmed down alot quicker than previously and was able to be greeted and of course Tucker was a calm as could be, hes been like that with everything so far, and hoping he stays so calm.  Didnt mind the car ride at all, just made himself comfy. 


Oh yeah and we had Tuckers check up visit with the shelters vet and he was calm as could be there too!!  Although I have to say he did more barking there than in the whole two weeks we have had him, lol, although he did calm down very quickly when we told him to be quiet.  The vet clinic had lots of kitties roaming around, which Im not sure how Tucker would respond to, so the receptionist kindly closed the back door to keep them in the back room.  I turn and behind me on the kitty tower, I see a black kitty just calmly laying there.  At one point he was peering through the kitty tower hole looking right at Tucker, but the kitty never moved, phew!   Yesterday was a long day and both Lance and Tucker were worn out by the end of the night.  We were able to get more pics of Lance and Tucker laying next to each last night.  The one above is from the day before.  I have not uploaded last nights pictures but I will, until then I have other pics posted and have some videos of them playing. 


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Its great to see & it is still early days, my cat was so mad at me for bringing a puppy home it was 1 month & she just moved back into the bedroom these last couple of days...  Great to see every ones adjusting!!!

Daisy is crazy about our new puppy too!!!

Love your pics of the corgis!  They are both beautiful!  I am so glad they are getting along well.  Keep posting your great pics!


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