My wife and I were wondering what type of bed corgis like to sleep in. The two main types that we see at the store are the flat ones (looks like a big, flat pillow) and the kinds that have a short 'wall' around the edges. Our Colby is growing up fast, and is taking up more and more room in the bed with us. He is about 15 lbs at 4.5 months... and we figure he has about 10 more lbs to go.

What types of beds do your corgis sleep in? What sizes?

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Our dogs like the square ones with sheepskin covers. Also, Costco sells some really big cedar-filled ones that they love to curl up in. Sid looks so tiny in the huge bed!
Kota doesn't like doggie beds. Every one I got for him, he would not use. He slept with me when I had him. But, even for naps he preferred a blanket or the floor. Good luck finding one your baby likes. I have seen big pillow looking ones that other corgi's have loved. You can get them for a pretty nice price at Costco. (I love Costco)
Happy New Year! Well, with three corgis, I believe I've got nearly every type of dog bed there is scattered throughout the house. My corgis definitely prefer large, round beds with large, puffy bolsters encircling the center. Somehow, this satisfies their need to curl up when sleeping and supports them when they roll onto their backs. When awake, Linus loves to drape himself across the bolster and play with anything in the center (chewie, squeekie toy, etc.). I also buy small, light blankets to add to the rectangular beds for increased warmth and comfort. Whatever your choice, be sure that you can remove the covers for washing at the laundrymat!!! All the best from Williamsburg, VA (Go Hokies! - Orange Bowl champs!): Bear, Tasha and Linus (and Nancy)
Silvia handmade 2 faux fur pillow case and we used them with our standard size pillow on the floor. We wanted a cover so that we can change out and throw it in the washing machine, we used pillow for the same reason, easily purchase :)
Even though I love to spoil my corgis rotten, my two youngest ones are crate trained and sleep in their crates. When not snoozing in there, they like the beds with the edges or comforters folded into "quarters" that they can move around and design themselves!!
My little man is roughly 28 pounds, and he loves curling up in his round 'doughnut' bed that has short walls around it. But he's a big fan of sleeping in 'caves' around the house; whether this is in the closet on top of some soft clothes or in the corner of the living room, he likes having his back surrounded by something. With her long legs, my German Shepherd sleeps on a flat rectangular bed. I guess it just depends on how your Corgi prefers to sleep for an extended period of time.
Penelope has not done well with the flat, pillow types of beds. She chews holes into them and rips out the stuffing. However, we have an oval shaped bed for her now that has the "walls" around her and the lowered front for her to get in and she loves this bed. She hasn't even attempted to chew it (bear in mind she is only about 9 months old now).
What is the size of your bed? Colby is only 4.5 months and is still growing, and we want to get a bed he will grow into. I imagine that your dog is done growing, or at least is close?
I can't imagine Penelope will get any larger, she is already 25 lbs. and fits well in the bed. It really is a perfect size at about 26" in length and 23" the other way. Its is oval-shaped we got it at Target. It would have costed more at PetSmart, which normally I wouldn't care as much but I didn't want to pay $50 for something she might chew up in less than a week. I think it was about $35.
Actually she is 10 mos.
I find that corgis love to have something to lean on.
Any dog bed that has some sort of stuffing in it is destoryed within 1 day at my house. I found that a blanket and sheepskin crate liner are the only things with lasting power. Tiki does not touch often takes bites out of the sheep skin but i guess he gives up when he finds there is no stuffing.


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