Has anyone else read "Under the Dome"? It's a huge novel, and is now one of my favorite King books. It's got a corgi in it! His name is Horace and he belongs to the town newspaper editor.

My son just finished reading it and was excited to show me the book jacket. If you look carefully, down near the very bottom you will see a little corgi. He looks like a tri.


Stephen King has corgis, and you can tell when you read about Horace that King is familiar with the breed.

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OK, I remember it now! It was in the Just After Sunset set of short stories. It was really intense!
The Bachman books are great! Finally read them. The Long Walk was intense, afterwards I didn't read anything for a day or two (a rarity for me), I just found it so thought-provoking!

The Dark Tower series looks interesting too, they're on my 'to read' list!
Same here. I still have The Stand. I sold the Cell and the couple others I bought.
Yes, Under the Dome is very popular, but it is also pretty new to come out. (I work at a bookstore)
If you want a great series about corgis, check out the graphic novel called Korgi. Its classified as a kids novel, but look it up. The artwork is really great.
Haven't read Under the Dome, but it looks good.
I've got Korgi 1 and 2. My Korgi 1 is autographed. Definitely a good book!
I've got them both too. My Korgi 2 is autographed...between us we have a balanced set :-)
Corgi lovers are always cool. King lovers too. Awww makes me feel like I am home ;).
As a huge King fan I can tell you he is owned by a corgi. His lovely wife got him a boy corgi years ago, his name is Marshall. King also has a charity which a corgi is the logo. Check it out on his website http://www.stephenking.com/index.html . The book came out last Nov. I have all his books in Hardback.
Enjoy the book it's great. I can't wait to start his new Full Dark, No Stars its full of short stories.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
I bought Full Dark No Stars yesterday, I didn't realize it was short stories until today. Yippee! I enjoy both his marathon novels and his short stories. I plan to start the book tonight :)
No spoilers please! I haven't started it yet! Its fun that way you have a story for bedtime.


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