I propose we find a way to package Corgi fur to use as house isulation.  Other possibilities  include packaging material for e-bay members, and of course the obvious would be sweaters.  Let's see how many ideas we can come up with now that it is that time of year when we all have an abundant supply.

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Fur coats for Chinese Crested Dogs.

Designer Birds Nest

Belly Button Warmer

I like your first suggestion the best--those poor things need a coat.  Good ones Sam!

Love the doggie sweater idea :).Thought about having their fur worsted and woven into a sweater for Me or a throw blanket.Just too bad We all have to vac and throw away ALL THE TIME!!

toupe or wig.... please forgive me for this.

hahaha fantastic!

I say we just use it for area rugs in the house, no need to vaccuum then, the rug just gets more plush over the years. Or continuing with the furniture theme stuffing for couch cushions or use it for mattresses or to make doggie beds out of.

corgi down comforter?? 

Hides dirt/scratches on the floor.

Crate pads or bed stuffing-they seem to collect so much hair anyway ;)

I ran across this lady at a fair that did crochet/knitting/whatever (not sure what it was but a combo of both) using dog hair. My first corgi just finished blowing her coat a couple weeks before the fair. I told the lady if I came across her just a month earlier, I would've had an abundant supply for her craft!


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