In honor of Mocha, I am starting a bucket list for Vienna as well. She was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma today. Please take a look at Mocha's list and share your suggestions on this one. I will post a picture / video as I complete each one.

Update Aug 1, 11:02pm

Dear Corgi friends,

I am overwhelmed with your love, prayers and support. Thank you for taking time to write me, I cherish each thoughtful message / reply. Please forgive me, for I cannot reply every message at this time.

To answer some of your questions. My vet was just as shocked as we were. Mocha and Vienna were born in different parts of Florida to 2 different breeders / parents and time of the year. We have never lived in a hazard area or purposely expose ourselves to cancer causing agent. Due to the cancer had already spread to the bone marrow (stage 5), chemo will not guarantee longer or better quality of life. We like to respectfully decline any financial assistance. However, we like to take this opportunity to encourage you to donate to Corgipals, Sunshine Corgi Rescue, ForPaws and CorgiAid. Open your hearts for a rescue corgi or volunteer to become a foster parent / transport.

Life is never fair, sometimes even cruel. I don't blame God or anyone for the recent events. My faith remain strong, I believe He will continue to provide me with strength to carry on. My wife and I had ran out of tears, perhaps still in shock. We think the best use of our time now is to focus on "Living and celebrate Vienna's life". Corgi nation is closer than ever, let us continue to help one another, be kind and pay it forward.


Sam, Silvia & Vienna

Dec 23rd 2012 Update

Hello Corgi Friends,

Our beloved Vienna joined Mocha at the rainbow bridge 3 days ago, 1 day before the Mayan calendar ends. 

It's been very difficult coming home without the barking, especially the lack of jingling sound from her collar. We miss having our kitchen floor clean , we miss her drive by licking and nose nudges during dinner time.

We find ourselves staring at the ground level constantly, hoping to find her beautiful smile. Everywhere we look brought back sweet memories.

No, we will never forget them, the holes in our hearts will never be filled, nor another dog will replace their place in our hearts, but in time, our hearts will heal. 

Mocha and Vienna were our kids, the first 10 years of our marriage foundation. They have taught us so much and preparing us for human kids of our own someday. Until then, we will continue to foster and placing rescue corgis in need.

Thank you for your messages and walking this journey with us. Y'all gave us strength, comfort and hope. We will be absent for a lil bit after the holidays, to get away, recharge and heal. Life is short, please hug your corgis, give them a real piece of juicy meat, take lots of picture / videos, go and create more memories.

Happy Holidays! Blessings to you all!


Sam & Silvia

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Oh NO!!! NO, NO, NO!  Was Vienna acting weird? Oh, Sam. I'm not sure how much harder I can pray for you and your family!  I have a pit in my stomach at the thought of what you're going through.  Prayers for strength and peace for you all!!!!!!

I shared a marvelous adventure with Al this weekend.  Mocha, Vienna, and the others helped me remember that it doesn't last forever, so do it  now.  We did.

Al suggests getting covered in mountain snow on a baking hot summer day.


Hi Sam,

My name is Heather and I am new to My Corgi.  I read your posting regarding your beautiful Corgi's, Mocha and Vienna.  My heart breaks for you.    

Two weeks ago (July 23, 2012), our little Corgi, Stitch, age 7, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lymphosarcoma. We were completely shell shocked.  Stitch is a HUGE part of our life and he goes everywhere with me...I am completely heartbroken.  He is the sweetest, most unconditionally loving and beautiful dog.  When we got him, I had no idea what an impact he would have on me.  I fell head over heels for him & never saw it coming!

We met with the oncologist, and although she was very compassionate, we were not encouraged by options available to us.  I have been researching everything I can think of to make him comfortable and provide myself with knowledge to help him.  This is when I came across your posting.   As hard as it is, thank you so very much for taking the time to write about your experience. Finding you out there made me feel less alone in dealing with Stitch's diagnosis. 

I wish you the very best in your journey.

Sam, I am so, so sorry to hear about Mocha and now Vienna. You have been such an amazing, stalwart representative for corgi lovers everywhere. This is so hard to accept.

I hope Vienna has a wonderful life and things go even better after she crosses over. I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope you get more corgis immediately. (I lost a beloved corgi in 1997 and it was 11 years before I got another, so I really recommend Not Waiting the way I did.)

Thank you for being here for us other corgi lovers. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I hope you find peace and happiness now.

We are sending lots of love and happy thoughts to you as you celebrate Vienna's life. <3

Such sad news :( I am so very sorry that this has all been dropped on you in such a short time! I also agree to take time very soon to visit any nice outdoor hiking spots you had planned. And of course nice free treats are always great! 

One thing I did want to mention though is that I am not that familiar with canine lymphoma, or if it is caused by environmental effects. If it is, it may be time to bring in professionals to check out your home, potentially for radon or other potential factors. Maybe this heart-breaking sickness of these noble, loyal animals is a sign from above to help protect your family. You will be in my thoughts. 

Dec 23rd Update

I am so sorry :( RIP Vienna...

so sorry for your loss, now Mocha and  Vienna are together again over the Rainbow Bridge jeanne and baylee

Oh Sam and Sylvia, my heart breaks for you. I'm am so sorry to hear about Vienna. There is another precious corgi with all our precious ones at Rainbow Bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with you both. 

I'm so sorry, Sam! Goodbye, little Vienna :(


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