Hi everyone! Lola's human brother, Owen, is in a photo contest & we need some votes!!  Click here to vote for him: http://photos.parents.com/category/vote/photo/207682

And you can vote every day!! Lola would appreciate it!!

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I like Owen's expression. great shirt :) I think i answered 4-5 questions on brands before vote confirmation.
I know, it's annoying that they make you do that. But thanks for voting Sam!!!
Keep voting my fellow Corgi lovers!! Owen moved from #1385 yesterday to #378 today!! You can vote every day & voting ends on Sunday & I think we can get him to #1. Thanks in advance for taking time to vote!

Don't forget to vote again today!!

Thanks everyone!!!
#363! Not bad :)
Not too shabby at all!! I entered him in a similar contest a few months back & we didn't get very far... I don't think I hounded people enough! haha
Voting away! :D
#357 :)
Thank you guys!!!!
A vote from the UK for him too xxx
Thanks Denise!!!
Voting ends tomorrow!! He's slipped down a notch :( Let's get him up there!!


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