My husband and i are newlyweds and weve had our Corgi since january. Hes amazing but apartment life just doesnt seem right for him. I love him so much and he deserves a great home. is there anyone that may be interested???

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How old is he?
Yes I would be interested. Does he like to play?
loves to play!! he'll be 6 months on may 1st. not aggresive what so ever. LOVES kids and other dogs. he is fixed and housebroken. I would love to keep him but i cant fulfill all of his needs.
I am so glad he is fixed and house broken, the only problem is you are in AL and I am in FL and I can't have him until after May 20th, (vacation). I just posted this morning that DH is allowing us another corgi. LO will be 2 in July and though he has a older bro (rescue) Rexx doesn't play with him, he tries but he (Rexx) doesn't know how to. I want LO to have a bro that will play with him (LO) and cuddle up to him and frap with him.
Looks like you are just of I10
greensboro FL is about halfway
Hello Ashley, just in case you are still looking for a home for you adorable little corgi, please let me know. We am in California and would pay any shipping costs. Please check out my page here and you will see how much we have loved our dogs and how we know we can provide a wonderful home for him! Thanks!


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