Hey, weather nut here.  I just want to warn all those who live in southern IL, Kentucky, Tennesee, southern IN, southern OH, northern MS and nothern AL to make sure your pets are in a safe area (not outside unattended and being watched if at home) due to the very high tornado threat that exists!

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I'm holding on tight to Avery so we don't get blown away! So far, nothing in our area, but we're keeping our fingers crossed just in case. Stay safe, everyone!

We live in north AL.  We take those tornado warnings seriously after
 April 27, 2011.  There has already been 2 in the area today.
 Fortunately, no fatalities.   Hope everyone is safe.

Glad there's been no fatalities. Limestone County, in particular, seems to be almost a "tornado magnet."  The county was hit twice within hours by two F-5s back in the Super Outbreak of 74.  Stay safe.

I was at work during the most severe part that went through here.  No damage near where we are  but I was worried about Scout and Swarley (cat) the whole time.  Work is 8 miles south of the house.  The funnel cloud was between work and the house so I eagerly awaited 3:00.

stay safe everyone!!!!!

My Winnie goes nuts when it storms. She likes to sit on the back of our chair or just climb all over us. Here in oak ridge, tn we faired good, but we know more in daylight. Everybody be safe.


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