Hi everyone!

I'm new... and getting my first corgi (hopefully) this summer!  I've checked out breeders and have put a deposit on a puppy from a litter due to be born in early may.  I grew up with corgis, but this is the first that will be all mine, and I'm sooooooo excited!!  Doing lots of reading, but thought I'd ask the experts - what should I make sure I have ready for puppy on day one?

Things I already have:

  • kennel
  • food bowls
  • furminator
  • cat friends :)

Thanks for your help!  

~ Chrys

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A couple of things that might be included in the other responses, but I found them incredibly important and having them has paid off in the long run.

Assortment of chew toys - flexible rubber, fabric covered or rope. Use these to teach appropriate chewing. Like when the puppy chews your finger, replace with a chew toy. Our puppy has only chewed her own stuff. No furniture, shoes, clothes, carpets, etc. We nipped the chewing early with chew toys and it worked for us.

Brush-As Corgis are shedders, I wanted our dog to get used to being brushed early in her life. She now enjoys being brushed a couple of times a day. This helps to minimize doggie fluff in the house. We have a pin brush, a boar bristle brush, and a flea comb

Puppy wipes - like baby wipes. (Baby wipes would likely be ok). We use them to clean her paws and tummy on wet and muddy days. Or, when we walk her and she walks in the dewy grass. It's an easy way to keep her clean and keep her from getting itchy.

Other than that, I think everyone else has given you a pretty comprehensive list.


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