Dear All.

After a year of researching I am finally ready to get a corgi pup!

I will take my time to search for a good breeder, but in the case I can't find one (I live in Shanghai)

I want to make sure the puppy I get doesn't come from puppy mills & is healthy.

SO I have several questions:

1. Can you share with me your corgi pictures when they are still babies & when they grow up for comparison?

2. How to differentiate a competition eligible corgi puppy & the normal ones (so I do not get tricked by the seller)

3. How to know if its real pure bred/mixed? (lots of fraud here)

4. What to especially watch out for when choosing a corgi puppy

Since there is a lot of fraud here I need to be double triple sure I am fully educated before I make my purchase,

If you have any recommendations of corgi breeder near my area (HK/TAIWAN) would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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