Is anyone familiar with the show Robot Chicken? If you are, you know that when the credits roll, chickens are bawking the theme song. Wynstan goes absolutely insane, it almost sounds like he is trying to match their tone and sing along.

He also barks when certain shows come on, I guess he can pick up on the fact that I don't like them.

How about you guys?

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You TV watching Corgi's should join our group: Here's a photo of Chinook watching The Dog Whisperer!
It is not a show but a commercial, the Kit-Kat one with the vending machine. She hates the pitch of when they press the buttons, she will bark every time.
Anything with sirens, doorbells, telephones...and then there are the animal sounds! We love the animal planet at our house, cat too. All three sit there and watch animal planet, cat gets the closest so she can watch the movement, dogs sit back and bark at the sounds.
Piper hates scary movies. I think it's the suspenseful music. She hides under the bed or couch, depending on which room we're in, and grunt-growls at the TV. Sometimes, she tries to hide behind me before she moves to hiding under the furniture.


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