I figured since this is a group about puppies being born in 2013, we should at least mention the birthdays of our awesome pups.

Fili was born April 29, 2013. She gets to come home in two weeks!

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Hi all!

I'm new to this forum and am already in love with it! Excited to introduce Coby to you guys. =) He was born on May 15, 2013 and I got him in mid July when he was about 8-9 weeks old. Ever since then, he's been a bundle of joy (and teething terror) since then.

Hi Jenn & Coby. Gallifrey is a May bday too! We should compare notes! :)

Gatsby was born 6/26/2013 and comes home in three days at 9 weeks. Three days feels too long.

Paisley was born March 9th, but she didn't come to our family until August. 

Weston was born August 3rd and comes home in October I can't wait to see my little guy, I am a first time puppy owner :)

Bandit was born on September 11, 2013! She will be coming home in November.

Buffy was born July 6, 2013.  She's been with us for 3 weeks.  We also have a an older (vet calls him geriatric) corgi named Cosmo who is 13.

Gallifrey was born May 27, 2013. We brought him home at 8 weeks old.

Our pup was born September 28th, he'll be coming home in about 6 weeks!! The breeder named him Thor, but we're considering other names, like Cooper.

Gertie was born July 15 and brought her home at 10 weeks


Casey was born on 8/9/13 and he came home at 11 weeks old on 10/26/13. =)

Blaidd was born 7/17/13. He's been home with us for good since the middle of October :)


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