well i have a interesting story for both my corgi's. first

"WREN" it was February 29th 2004 (leap year) and i was supposed to pick Wren up from the breeder that day, and come that morning i still have not had a named picked out for her. it was going to be Zoey but just couldn't commit to that name. so my family has been constant readers of the comic "Baby Blues" and about the time i was getting Wren the couple in the comic were expecting a baby. they revealed the name in the sunday edition, right before i was to get the puppy. i read the comic and saw the name and a light went on. "Wren, thats it" my family agreed it would be a perfect name, and it was!!!

and now...

"OZZEE" again like Wren i couldn't decide on a name for him. for the longest time it was going to "Harvey", my father is a HUGE batman fan. we had gotten Oz about 3mos before the latest batman movie was due in theaters, so it was perfect. But my dad wanted to change it to OZZEE, before we brought Oz home, my dad had become friends with a guy at a local grocery store, and he thought he was the coolest person. (he was a janitor, not a big deal or anything) but my dad came home one day and said "we should name the new pup "Ozzee" i said okay, but im changing the spelling because i wanted some what of a unquie name for my dog.

and well for my kitty "MR. BUSY" well hes a cat that never sleeps. he's ALWAYS busy doing/chasing something.

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Duncan Donut got his name from both of us. I knew I was going to name him Ducan. So, when I brought him home, trying to get him use to his name, everytime I would say Duncan, my husband called him Donut. So, to make my husband feel like he contributed to his naming, I added that to his registered name. Not a fancy name, but we like it.
I also like to get my husband involved in the naming of our pets. We both like to play videogames, so often, I look to them to give a little nerdy element.

Our first pet together was a rosy boa and we named her Terra (it means "Earth" as in, the ground, dirt)
As you can see, she has very "earth"y colors, including one that looks like "terra cota"
Terra is also a main heroinne in the game Final Fantasy 6, one of Zachary's favorite games.

Pooka became a suggestion for a corgi name when Zachary started playing a game called Odin's Sphere, and one of the characters is called The Pooka Prince. In the game, Pooka's are a human/rabbit hybrid, turned that way by a spell/curse.
They are very cute and brave and I always thought Corgis were like rabbits. I then looked up the Pooka and it is an irish fairy of mischief (not always very nice) who can take the form of a dog, horse, rabbit (and maybe some others). Harvey the Rabbit from the play is a Pooka. Corgis are often associated with Faeries, so there you go! full circle. (Its also a spoonerism of Koopa, another video game character ;) Also, Puka shells are cute. And in Anastasia (the animated feature) the dog's name is Pooka.

I always assumed you had named her after the Pooka from Irish folklore. :) That's funny that it's actually a rabbit hybrid called a Pooka because since I was little I've called rabbits Poongas. I don't know where I got that from. My Mom thinks it may have been from a Sesame Street episode. Who knows? Anyway, Pooka is a cute name. :)
Well when my husband and I were still dating he got me a Nintendo DS with the Nintendogs video game. He figured that I could get my Corgi fix electronically until we could find the cash to get a real one. Aww, I know. He made the hilarious suggestion of naming the Corgi pup, Fleonardo Da Itchie (a play on Leonardo Di Vinci). So when we got our real pup, we had to name him that but the name itself is really long so that's more of his formal name. Well, technically it's Fleonardo Da Itchie Esquire. lol. So we just call him Ein since he's a dead ringer for Ein of the popular anime, Cowboy Bebop. I love how people have the hardest time pronouncing his name or have no idea why we named him that. The truth is we're just geeks.
We chose to name our baby Pixie (full name: Pixie Dust Puppy) because we had read several stories about the corgi origins. One of the myths is that they were a gift to humans by the faery queen Mab. We thought Pixie would be a wonderful name. It really fits. The breeder added Dust after I told her we chose Pixie as the name. She squealed, "Oh! Pixie Dust!"
I had the name first -- Bertram Wilberforce Wooster -- from my favorite comic English novels written in the first half of the 20th century (by PG Wodehouse). Maybe you've heard of Bertie and Jeeves? Hugh Laurie did a TV show for the BBC with Stephen Fry -- he played Bertie to perfection! Bertie being the wealthy London fob who gets into escapades and has to be rescued by his manservant Jeeves. When I met my puppy, the name fit perfectly, and Bertie it is (for short)! Somewhere I have a photoshopped pic of him in a top hat and monocle, but I can't seem to find it.

Sadly, the books don't have very good girl names -- so when Bertie's niece was born, we opted for that classic actress Ethel Barrymore (sister of Lionel --"Mr Potter" in It's a Wonderful Life -- and John; great-aunt of Drew). Bertie and Ethel. It works. Now that we've seen Ethel dive into every body of water we pass by, though, we think maybe we should have called her Esther Williams (for those of you either old enough or lovers of 1950s movies). But I like Ethel. Also, I had a surrogate grandmother named Ethel, and you don't hear the name much anymore -- so I think of her every time I call my pup.
A year before we even got a corgi, we planned on naming her Penelope. It was my fiance's idea. Friday we brought home our second baby, and we were looking online for god names. We named him Dewi- after the welsh god of the dragons!
Well we wanted something that had the letters of Mom and Pop dog in the name but couldn't come up with anything right off. Then my husband had a dream and all he remembered was "call the pup Sam or Samantha". This was before she was born so we didn't know if the pup would be a he or a she. Then we saw that odds were we would use the shorter name of Sami (if she likes it) that has 2 letters from each parent!
We were bringing Bonnie home for the first time and had a 2 hour drive ahead of us, while we were trying to pick a name, a Bonnie Raitt song came on (I'm a fan). She has this white stripe going down the middle of her head, just like the singer! So thats how she got her name.
We had the name Finnigan picked out long before Finn was born. I wanted an Irish name since I am mostly Irish plus it seemed fitting considering the Corgis' history with faeries. I've always loved the name Finn so Finnigan seemed perfect. Finnigan was also the name of a character my husband and I created in a roll playing game way back when we first met (I know it's nerdy, but it was a long time ago) and he was an awesome character. The funny thing is we rarely even call him Finn. I do it alot when writing about him but he seems to respond better to Finnigan. I'm already thinking about girl names for when we one day decide to get a little sister for Finnigan. :)
After raising horses for thirty years and Australian Shephards for 16,when I decided to get a corgi, it was going to be male and named "Sherlock" then I could get another and name it "Watson". When I got to the breeder to pick Mr. Holmes up the girl that was to take the female had taken my puppy and now it was take the female or not get corgi. (Did I mention that it was my birthday and this was my present to myself?) So I took the female and we had about a sixty mile trip home thinking what am I going to name this puppy. Well about 5 miles from home, puppy decided she needed to potty and I wasn't attending to her needs fast enough. I was telling her to sshhh puppy, whisper puppy, Everytime I said whisper, she got quiet and looked at me. Right then I realized that she had picked her name! Plus it's good for Corgi Rock Star!
Initially, I was looking to get a boy but the breeder only had girls. I was looking to my World of Warcrafts names at first, then the D&D name, then to Xmen names. I also had Lucy in mind for a girl. I started looking at the list of goddess and remembered one that I really liked--Freya.

When we picked up Freya--Freya was the only name that came to mind. I forgot Jubilee and everything else.

Freya is the Norse Goddess of love and war. She driven by a chariot with cats!

And quite honestly, Frey really is love and war...she's lovey and then she goes into war mode (food aggression/toy aggression.) At least she kind of minds me.


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