UPDATE: A Where's Franklin fan page has been created on Facebook for those of you who enjoy the game and want to keep updated with his daily photos! Come by and like the page so you can find Franklin daily! :-D


feel free to like the page and share with your friends!!


I started a fun thing on my facebook page for my friends a while ago where I take pictures of Franklin in funny hiding spots. It started with Franklin "hiding" on his own in these pictures: 

and then I started a game of it by hiding him in places and my friends had to find him. I post one picture a day and it seems to brighten a lot of peoples' day so I am going to continue the game. I just thought it'd be fun to get more corgis involved! Post your pictures of your corgis "hiding". Wouldn't a search-a-corgi book be so awesome!? Lol. Ok I'll start with some of my recent ones:

Now post yours! 

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This is awesome, I'm going to start to do this now. =]

That last one is hard. 

Love this!
I love this! So cute.

find the corgi in these pictures (these are easy ones):

I love collecting these.

find the corgi in these pictures

John, that last one always cracks me up!  I think you should offer prints of it.

I can't find him in the last one, it's driving me crazy!

Look at the mountains. Two are fuzzier than others. :)

Good one!  Took me FOREVER to find him!

I love the first one, if I focus too much I lose him but if I glance real fast there he is! :-D

Help I cant see it in the first pic :(

On my computer I can click on the picture to make it big, then click again to get bigger then scan around.  After you try that read the next sentence.....

He is a light color in the grass on the right side toward the bottom. You can see the top of his head and his corgi ears.

thanks i see him now :)



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