UPDATE: A Where's Franklin fan page has been created on Facebook for those of you who enjoy the game and want to keep updated with his daily photos! Come by and like the page so you can find Franklin daily! :-D


feel free to like the page and share with your friends!!


I started a fun thing on my facebook page for my friends a while ago where I take pictures of Franklin in funny hiding spots. It started with Franklin "hiding" on his own in these pictures: 

and then I started a game of it by hiding him in places and my friends had to find him. I post one picture a day and it seems to brighten a lot of peoples' day so I am going to continue the game. I just thought it'd be fun to get more corgis involved! Post your pictures of your corgis "hiding". Wouldn't a search-a-corgi book be so awesome!? Lol. Ok I'll start with some of my recent ones:

Now post yours! 

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Find Franklin Christmas Edition!

and today's picture:

Cute - took me a minute to find him in the second pic.  Love the ears sticking up ;->

That's clever.  Don't give any hints.

This is a difficult one.  The little tufts are the mature seeds of the pasque flower, about 1 ft. high, about the size of a mouse, and are in fact called "Mouse-on-a-Stick":

Find the corgi in this picture

You're right... I'm not seeing Al (or is it Gwynnie?)

Found him (I think!) But it would help if I could click and get the full size image, which for some reason doesn't work on this one.

I think I see him, too.  Just 2 little ears and the top of the head... Always the ears! LOL

Al is right in plain sight.  The distant volcano is Mt. Rainier.  The white slug-shaped mountain in front of it is Iron Cap Mt., which we climbed the previous day, and crossed the snowy ridge across the center to get to this summit, Otter Point, where we spent the night under a clear starry sky.  A perfect 3-day July 4th weekend, 2011, snow conditions more like March, firm but not too hard, perfect corgi-stompin' snow.

lol I love this one. He blends so well!

Find the corgi is this picture:

Ha... tricky!

lol nice. It took the page to be halfway loaded before I realized where the corgi was lol. Classic


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