A friend of mine is getting a new puppy after losing her 2 year old Corgi :(  She is trying to find a name, so I thought it would be fun if everyone would post their doggies name.   I will start my Corgi is "Sophie"  the 3 dogs I have had in the past (bless their soles) were Keena , Shelby and Sydney.


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The first women VJ's were Martha Quinn and Nina Blackwood, no?  (with JJ, Mark and Alan...)

Goodness, I watched enough MTV in 1981 to remember! : )

Yes, yes! I was thinking high school....not middle ...at least for me. Kennedy was just one of my faves and everyone kept saying "Oh, like the president?" ....um, no. I should have said of the first of several female VJ's on MTv. :)
Ohhhhhhh and Adam Curry!

because surely you didn't expect an obsessive MTV child to be on the thread.... : ) 

My best friend (also a MTV teenager) just gave me the BEST book about MTV for my birthday: _I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Revolution_ highly recommended! here's a review.


Maybe my husband will let me name our next doggie Downtown Julie!

oogie boogie! Love it!  : )

I llike dogs that have 'dog' names, not people names (avoids confusion when you yell the dog's name at the agility trials!).  We had a chocloate lab who's registered name was Blain's Choclate Chip, and we called her Cookie.

We currently have a brindle Scottish Terrier and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi - we got both puppies at the same time, and ended up calling them Smokey and Bandit.  We go to several doggy events, and I've heard people say 'here come Smokey and Bandit'. 

We name our corgi Nero :D it took us almost 2 weeks to decide on his name... Among our name ideas were Rusty, Loki, Luca, Neo, Milo and many others :p

my dogs are named Sidney, Bruce and Chester.

Dogs who have gone on to the bridge:

Buttons, Buddy, Dundee, Henna, Bors and Peaches

My dog's name is Ein (pronounce like the first part of the name Einstein).  I named him after the anime Cowboy Bebop. Yes I am that much of a dork. But most of the time people ask his name, because after I say it, they say "oh Ian?"  And I reply " No, Ein, short for Einstein"  Eins is german for 1, which is very fitting, because he has 1 white spot on his neck. So he has many reasons for his name.  Although Ein's nicknames include Buddy, Lil Sarge (he has to patrol the yard and house), Mr. Grumpy Pants, and Einekin Skywagger. 

My mom's Corgi is named Lily, short for Tigerlily. Her registered AKC name is Awesome Cuteness that is Tigerlily.

We also have two min pin mix dogs. Colossus is the male, and no we didnt name him. And Squeek, who turns out to be Colossus's mom.

Other dogs we have had were Dexter, Zeus, Pip ( who was Squeeks brother). Other dogs we have had for a short time were Teddy, Sophie, Xena, and a few other. Plus I have had dogs when I was younger, but don't remember there names.

I have had many cats over the years. They were Dee Dee (yes Dex and Dee Dee from the show Dexter's Lab), Pandora, (who was Dee Dee's Aunt), Binx (from Hocus Pocus), Loki, Lucky, Hope, Emma, Ami, and Sophie (short for Persophone).

I have also had many rats. They were Arty (short for Artimus), Penny (aka Penelope), Odie (aka Odysseus), Pheobe, and Julie.

Easiest way for you friend to choose a name is go on those baby name sites. Don't worry, something will pop up eventually. I am sorry for your friend's loss. :(

I like to stick to "mythological" names... I had a Zeus... then a Chaos.  I was going to stick to Greek or Roman mythology and go with Orion or Cronus; but decided to go with a Norse god since my brother had gone that route with his dog Odin....  I now have Loki, who is the sweetest little thing ever!  I know that I have a couple of names in mind when I see the pups, and when I see them, I kind of "know" their name just by seeing them.  Loki was not a "Cronus," he was definitely a "Loki!"  What fun she will have picking out a new puppy AND finding a name to fit him/her!  =)

My little furbaby's name is Harper Rose! Harper is after Harper Lee, the author who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Rose means a lot to me and my boyfriend.
My corgis name is Rocky

My dog's name is Oliver Wendell.  We call him our little Bumbler or Bumble (of Joy) and/or Little Prince. He's the first dog I've owned but my husband has owned many.  He had one dog named "Monty" which is cute. Only other one I remember of his was "Otto."  I have always owned cats and their names were "Peaches", Tara, Egypt, Face, Sophie, Gwendolyn, Oscar, Kimba and my current kitty's name is "Jeter." Very sorry to her of your friend's loss of her Corgi.  Can't even imagine my life without Oliver and Jeter.


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