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What a cutie pie :)

My Sophie died in August when she was a few weeks short of her 14th birthday. She was such a character and both Harri and I still miss her terribly. Harri pined and whined the first few days and then would have nothing to do with me for a week. Thankfully he is better now, though he has lost some of his spark. We now have Zeba who was born in August and though she fills a gap, she will not replace any of the ones we have lost.

I hope you Sophie will be as special as mine was.

I totally understand Suzanna.  We lost our other dog Sydney at the beginning of November she was 15 1/2.  I was devistated and miss her so much.  I couldnt be without a dog so we got our little sophie.  She is helping me heal, but as you mentioned she will never replace Sydney, she is just a new chapter in our life. 

My little guy also born in late September of 2011.  Interesting to see some of the pics.  He has grown so fast in the last 6 months.


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