Do you have more than one dog? If so, how does your Corgi get along with others in your household, and you can include cats and ferrets here if you would like!!

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We have Josie the Cardi, who loves her house mates Brody, the 16 yr. old Mini Schnauzer, and Maci, the 6 month old boxer. As livestock guardians, we have PJ and Willow, the Great Pyrenees, who live outdoors on our 7 acre ranch. Posted is a pic of Maci and Willow, before the snows hit! (Maci has tail envy, thus her harrassment of Willow) All our dogs get along great, and Josie thinks she is boss of all of them (she actually probably is!)
We have seven dogs, five of whom are corgis: four pems, one cardi mix, and two catahoula mixes. We are suckers. We also have eight cats. All of our babies are spoiled rotten. However, the will mind! Being a trainer, I expect them to have manners. No ferrets, although I think they would be fun. Every now and again I get to see one in the store.
We only have one corgi, but our dog Zack goes on a "puppy playdate" every weekday to another corgi's house. They play outside all day; very cute. Sometimes the other owners take them for off-leash walks (they have more dog-friendly schedules than I do!)
Any LGBT corgi folks in SF's East Bay?
We have two ferrets, two cats, and will be getting our pup tomorrow. So I will be sure to let you know how this all goes down. If I don't, it's because my life is crazy, so please remind me. (Pertaining to the ferret interaction, I have no idea, but I have heard that other than trying to herd the cats- which I cant wait to see- they work well with other animals).
Let me know how this is going for you! I have 2 ferrets and will be getting our pup in 1 week..she will be 9 weeks old, I've done a lot of research and they should do ok, cause she is young enough to be taught to know the ferrets aren't chew toys, so we will see. So yeah, I would love to know how it is for you.
Daisy absolutely loves cats. She thinks she's a cat, which worked well as our cats thought they were dogs. Unfortunately, both of the cats have now passed away. We're thinking about getting another corgi. She is typically unsure about what to do with other dogs, but she's never been around another corgi. I think in time, she'd adjust to other dogs. We've house sat with other dogs, and it went fine. One of the other dogs was a Rottweiler, and while she wasn't a big fan at first, I think she eventually learned that the growling wasn't that scary.

She generally likes everyone, men and women alike. She's gotten to know the delivery people. Every so often though, she will encounter a person that she absolutely does not like. This has only happened 2-3 times, and I'm still not sure what it was about the people that rubbed her the wrong way.


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