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Hi all! Okay, so this is not an inquiry simply about how to get Darwin to go outside, it's more about how to get him adjusted to just going out say 5 times a day vs. 35. Over the past two weeks he has done great. Almost every day other day is a 100% outside potty day (the days in between result in one pee on the floor). Right now I am a student, so I am at home most of the day, and then my partner comes home when I go off to school. On Fridays we are both gone. Monday-Thursday, I find that I am taking him out almost every half hour on his request, and if I don't he will go on the floor. The odd thing is that on Friday, when he is his crate for 6 hours straight, no accidents. How do I get him to go, perhaps 4 times a day vs. every commercial break? (additionally, I don't know if this matters, but he goes on at least two walks a day, and we live on the third floor of our condo with no elevators- so he walks down- with some reluctance- and up the stairs). Any thoughts?

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How old is Darwin? This may be an issue with him being too young to have good bladder control. Also, on the days you are home with him, is he crated and asking to go out, or is he running free in your condo? If you are allowing him free reign M-Th and then crating him on Friday, this is too much change in any schedule you would be trying to establish and likely he is confused. My guess is, his schedule is completely different on the days you are home, i.e. you are home, so he is running free, and therefore he is more active and asking to go out more often than he would need to when crated on Friday. You may need to crate him for say a couple of hours at a time on M-Th to get him used to holding it when you are home. But I am really just guessing here because I am not sure of his schedule. What happens on the weekend? Better or worse with the number of times he goes out? Keep in mind, young puppies cannot typically hold it for 8 hours until they are over 9 months old, and it is really asking alot of them to go that long without going out. It seems strange that they can go all night long without going out to potty, but have to go outside every 30 minutes during the day. Remember that at night they are sleeping, and just like us, since they aren't being active their bladders tend to settle down. Hopefully this helps some.
I think you hit the nail on the head. I have changed up his schedule this week so that he goes to the bathroom when he first gets up. When he comes back in he gets breakfast, plays shortly, and then is crated for 2 hours. Then he gets let out, gets lunch, goes on a long walk. Then it's "puppy nap time" where is crated for about 4 hours (he is asleep for about 3.5 hours of it). He then goes out, gets another walk, has dinner, plays, and goes out once more before bedtime (about 10ish). I have been doing this since Monday, and so far, no accidents.
So excited to hear!! You are having more luck with Darwin than we are with Josie, and she is 7 months old!!!


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