AZ Corgi meet up #4 scottsdale bark park SE corner of hayden & mc donald dr. 05/16/09 6 pm

the 3rd meet up was super fun- liked the park and all of the fur balls all had a good time! the lighting didnt seem to be too much of an issue. its getting warmer so the sun is starting to set later...
there was some talk of # 4 being at the Scottsdale park to sort of start the rotation over again as the "mid-valley" spot. then we can do #5 up north again and so on......maybe another suggestion instead of grovers basin?
so, as far as the 4th May meet up goes- what are some good dates? and is everyone okay with the scottsdale park?

***UPDATE**** scottsdale bark park, SE corner of mc donald & hayden in the "passive" side at 6 pm (or close to that!) on may 16th. sounds good!

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there is also a park just east of the Costco at 101/cave creek road, if that would be convenient for anyone, or there is one one the south end of town by the south 202/i10 it actually has a couple of large fenced in areas with plenty of parking
Hey guys! I really want to come down from Prescott to one of these. Are there a lot of corgis that show up or just a few??
we have had pretty good turn outs. abbea has some photos up on her page and i believe i posted some on the meet up #2 or 3 link. its a good time for sure to see these monsters running around- they all get along so well! its like they are all long lost siblings......
I'm so excited!!! my 3 will be stoked.. I'll keep them home from daycare that day so they have lots of energy to play at the park!
Has anyone been to the Fountain Hills dog park by the fountain yet? I haven't been, but I've heard it's really nice!

Also heard about one in Gilbert or Chandler that has a "doggy waterpark" ... is that just a scottsdale rumor or what??
the one in gilbert does have a water park but I have not heard good things about it. apparently there are a lot of "big" dogs that go there that are pretty rowdy and according to my vet we are nuts to take our mutts in a public water area. (i guess there are tons of "things" that live in water....)
our last meet up was at a smaller park called Cross Roads park which is right by Cosmos water park and that was nice.
my mutts are super excited for sat night! hope everyone can make it!
We plan on being there! We'll probably get there around 5:30pm and can only stay until 6:30pm so hopefully we'll have enough time to see everyone. Finn will be so happy to run around after being stuck inside all week while we're at work. :)

I was having problems getting the pictures to load so I put them in a kodak gallery online, just send me you regular email and I will send them to you, I know I have gracie, finnegan, warner, dexter, turbo, and I think a few others that I dont know their names


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