AZ Corgi meet up #4 scottsdale bark park SE corner of hayden & mc donald dr. 05/16/09 6 pm

the 3rd meet up was super fun- liked the park and all of the fur balls all had a good time! the lighting didnt seem to be too much of an issue. its getting warmer so the sun is starting to set later...
there was some talk of # 4 being at the Scottsdale park to sort of start the rotation over again as the "mid-valley" spot. then we can do #5 up north again and so on......maybe another suggestion instead of grovers basin?
so, as far as the 4th May meet up goes- what are some good dates? and is everyone okay with the scottsdale park?

***UPDATE**** scottsdale bark park, SE corner of mc donald & hayden in the "passive" side at 6 pm (or close to that!) on may 16th. sounds good!

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scottsdale park is good for us, we vote the 2nd, 9th or the 16th.
Sounds like the last meet up was a lot of fun. I wish we could have been there. Did a lot of Corgis show up?

For meet up #4, I'm good with the Scottsdale park. My vote for dates would be either the 16th or 17th, or a later Saturday or Sunday. On Tuesday Finnigan is getting neutered and because of it being a more complex neuter surgery, it's going to take him longer to heal so I don't want to plan on taking him to the park for the next two or three weeks.
I found another park on the north side. It's basically Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 and it's called Horizon Park (15444 N. 100th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260). I used to go to that park because it's really nice but I didn't have a dog then so I never utilized the off leash area. Yesterday I was driving by the park and remembered that it has a dog park there! I am going to try to check it out at night and see if there is enough light there. I know there aren't lights in the dog area but with the lights from the baseball diamond and parking lot it may be ok. The park itself is pretty small but it's a cute, quaint park with lots of trees, tables and benches, combo of dirt and grass (with button you can push to mist the dirt area and keep the dogs from kicking up dust) water fountain, poop bags (and scoopers if you'd prefer). I don't think many people go there either so if we did do the north side meet up there I think we'd pretty much have it to ourselves. I'll try to check it out and see about the lighting.
Here's a picture I found of Horizon Park:

Good by me. I will make it to the scottsdale one as long as we do not have a rockwall up that saturday night. I would never be able to commit to once a week every week but I really like the once a month. Its so fun to see all the corgis again and watch them growing!
can't wait for the next one.
This park looks fine to me or the one we went to was fine as well.
My dog never drinks out of the doggie fountain but I know someone brought a doggie bowl last time and there was a water doggie fountain in the crossroads park, Any idea if this park has one of those? I really don't care but others may,
Kristi and grace
the scottsdale park has a water fountain.
The Scottsdale park we went to before is fine for meet up #4. The park I suggested above would be for meet up #5 since Joleene had asked if there was another park on the north side we could go to other than the Grovers one we went to for meet up #2. Yes, the park I suggested has a doggie fountain and a human drinking fountain so you can always fill a bowl there. We took Finn to it last night and it was fun. There were a few dogs but not a lot and between the softball field and the parking lot there was enough light. I think it would be fine for meet up #5 in June.
sounds good alice :)
I think all the scottsdale parks have doggie fountains... even the chaparral one has another doggie fountain by the kids park too. although I think if I let her maddie would rather jump in and swim with the ducks.... HAHA
It doesnt really look like that anymore... the grass is almost gone and it's almost all dirt now.. The picture definetly makes it look bigger than it is. It's nice but every time I go I leave right when this guy comes in with 4 jack russels that ALWAYS get into fights with each other or the other dogs that are playing...
are you talking about the photo of horizon park that alice found?
I guess we're skipping Glendale then..? That's ok. I know it's a lot harder for you who have puppies to go a long way. I don't mind the drive I guess. As long as 101 isn't closed... =_= Lol.


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