AZ corgi meet up #5 June 27th, 6 PM @ Horizon Park Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 (15444 N. 100th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260)

*POSSIBLE SWITCH OF DATES!!!* the original date is the day before fathers day. there is talk of switching it to maybe the 27th? any ideas????

In discussion #4, Alice had said that Horizon Park at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 was a nice place.

Seems like that's the plan!

See everyone there! 6 Pm or whenever you arrive........

Horizon Park
15444 N 100th Street
Scottsdale 85260

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Az corgi rescue has a meet up every 2nd sunday at Rose Mafford park around 6 pm. Just a though but it might be cool to combine the 2. There are usually 10 to 20 corgis every time. We really wanted to take trigger to the last one but though it was a bad idea to take trigger or silver out until they are old enough to get the puppies there shots. Just a thought.
brian- ive been trying to keep up with the corgi rescue website to see about the 2nd sundays but the last month that they have posted is april. thats quite a drive for us so i really didnt want to make the trip and not have anything going on. so do they do it every month for sure?
You should definetly make sure they are fully vaccinated before you take them out.... kennel cough and parvo is SOOOO contagious. It's better to be safe then sorry.
the park we met up last night was up in north scottsdale. not sure about where the next one will be- what part of town are you in?
that really would be cool if we could combine the 2. The park near the Costco doesnt have a fenced area to turn them loose in so we might be better to find one that does from a safety standpoint. Has anyone checked with parks and rec to see if they have a list of parks with dog areas in them?? Sundays would be a no go in the evenings but I could do AM I work graveyard so I'm usually finishing dinner or taking a nap in the evening.
The Horizon Park has a fenced off leash area. I still vote for this location for meet up #5. We're fine with Saturdays or Sundays. The 13th or 14th sound fine.
thanks for the link to the dog parks located throughout the valley, I am fine with horizon as well havent been there for several years.
They put in a big shade cover over by the water fountain... it's not to bad.. when we go and no one is there I turn on the big sprinkler and let them play in the mud.
Ha ha, I haven't tried the sprinkler!
Horizon Park is at Frank Lloyd Wright and the 101 (15444 N. 100th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260) in case anyone isn't familiar with that park. It's a small park but never very crowded and has lots of trees and benches plus the grass should be coming back in right now. It's a cute little park. Here's a picture of it:

Other than this one and the Grover's park I'm not aware of any others on the North side.
I can do Saturdays anytime but not Sunday nights. Horizon Park is fine with me it's MUCH smaller than chaparral but still only 5 minutes from me. -- I'll bring a cooler with some people and pooch drinks. lol. If I bring some home made puppy treats will you guys tell me what they think of them??? I want to make all holistic treats that serve a purpose for them and that they love! like for healthy coat or hip and joint or even stinky breath...


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