Is there a safe way to treat your yard and home for insects that will not harm your pets? Since we've moved into our house and finally have a yard the topic came up of how we are going to control bugs (we've seen quite a few outside). I know people that spray their own yard with normal bug spray and keep their dog away for a few hours but I had a bad experience with this when I was little and I want to find a safer way. When I was little my dad would do the spraying himself or sometimes have someone come out and both of the dogs we had at the time developed problems which the vet thought was due to the prolonged exposure to pesticides.

 So what do all of you do? Is there a pet safe poison? do you use a specific company and what does this normally cost? I appreciate your help. :)

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There are some companies out there that do pet-friendly pest control. I've been looking for one myself because we currently spray regular spray and keep the pups inside while it dries. I think that companies which offer "green" means of pest control will probably do the trick. I'll let you know if I find anything!
Great, thanks!
You can find some pet and kid friendly bug sprays at Home Depot or Lowes. I take those labels with a grain of salt though, so when I spray the yard we keep the dogs inside for a couple of hours until everything dries completely.


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