Hi, all, and thanks to those who have already welcomed me. My husband and I don't have a corgi (yet) but after extensive research we've decided that's the dog for us! Herding dogs are always good dogs, and corgis have the advantages of being smaller (hubby's criterion) and having unique personalities.
We've also decided that it's just the right time for us to get a puppy (rather than an older dog) -- while we have the time and energy to train it, before we get distracted with small kids, and in time to prepare the puppy to be fully kid-friendly. I'm really excited about the idea of working with a puppy for hours on end.
I've been trying to get some referrals for some good breeders in the area. I have contacted a few listed as AZ members of the national PWC club, the breeder referral contact for the Southern Cal. PWC club, and I'm about to start contacting Texas clubs (my parents live there so it's not impossible for us to get a puppy there and drive it home).
Could anyone refer me to any good breeders?
BTW, I'm hoping we can come out to meet you at the next AZ meet-up. Would be fun to meet some corgis while we're waiting!

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I have a Cardigan so I wouldn't be much help with locating a Pembroke. You shouldn't have much trouble finding one though. I would definitely try to go through one of the breeders listed on the PWCC site.
Dexter came from Stablemate Kennels in Riverside, CA - not exactly in the area, but a relatively easy drive from Tempe. Stablemate's does not have a web page, but are listed all over the place on the internet. Cynthia Campbell is the breeder. She was very patient with us in answering our dumb questions, and helping us pick Dexter as the first pick from his litter of nine! We couldn't have asked for more.

More information is here:

It sounds like you are in a similar situation as we were in 6 months ago. We had never owned a dog before but wanted one, and our research kept leading us back to Corgis. We've had such fun with Dexter that, god help us, we're thinking of getting another Corgi!
Thanks so much for the info! I know some are reluctant to give specific referrals, so that's very helpful. And driving to Riverside is no problem, either.

We've had dogs before (last one was a rescue) but never a corgi, and I haven't had a puppy since I was in junior high school (which means, of course, I haven't REALLY raised one). It will be an interesting experience for both of us, and I'm hoping it goes well enough that we decide to get another!
First off I am not a breeder....Just a corgi lover. I have 2 Pembroke Welsh corgis and I am about to have puppies. She is due this week and we got the Ultrasound last week. We were hoping for 3 and found out there are at least 5. Both came from AKC registered parents and Trigger the male has champon in his blood. I just discovered this site and can hopefully make it to the next corgi date too. We usually go to the az corgi rescue play date.
I can't wait to see the pictures!
I didn't know the Az Corgi Rescue had play dates. That would be fun to go to!


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