Hey everyone, we will be having a special birthday gathering to celebrate Finnigan's 1st birthday this Saturday the 19th. We'll be meeting at 7pm at the Horizon dog park located at Frank Lloyd Wright and 100th St. The exact address is:

Horizon Park
15444 N. 100th St.
Scottsdale, AZ

Everone is invited! If you think you will be attending please let me know so I know how many people to expect. Hope to see you and your Corgis there!


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That's ok. We'll catch you next time. Have fun at the game. :)
I wish we could come but we are getting busy as the weather is getting nicer. Happy Birthday Finnigan from Grace!
Hope you have fun! thanks for the invite.
We'll definitely be there...missed the RSVP part, sorry! Will there be cake?
I figured you guys would be there providing you saw the message. :)

I'm still debating between cake and cupcakes or muffins.
Hey, I'll talk to Mike about it and post tonight whether we will or not. Supposedly Nibbler is supposed to take it easy until Sunday because of her spay surgery. I think it will be okay but I think Mike is very stick-to-the-date about it.
we'll be there... sorry. I've been planning on it i just forgot to post it... lol.
No worries. Glad I made an extra goody bag. :)
Thank you to everyone who came for Finnigan's birthday. It was a small group but he really seemed to enjoy playing with his buddy Dexter, Lucy (Mom of 3's new puppy) and his half brother Quinn (who belongs to my Mom). He was completely filthy and tired by the time we left. He had a lot of fun though, maybe too much in fact since last night at home he was limping so bad on his hind leg we couldn't get him to walk more than one step before sitting down. Today he is still limping but not nearly as bad so hopefully it clears itself up in a couple days. Anyway, here are the pictures fom last night. None of them are great but good luck photographing a pack of wild Corgis!


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