I have heard of a couple different places here in AZ where you can take your dog to do herding (I can't remember either name of course) and I was wondering if any of you have done herding here and where you went or what places you have heard of. One I know was in Queen Creek and you could either do a one time session or take classes which I think were a bit pricey.

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In searching for places to do herding I have come across the AHA site which lists locations:
and this map from another site which has basically the same places plus a couple more:

I emailed two of them to get information but if anyone knows of more, please let me know. I also don't know what I should be asking for really. I see mention of classes, trials, training, clinics etc and I really don't know what's what.

This one in Queen Creek says they offer an instinct test for $10:
One of the facilities responded to me so I wanted to share it in case anyone else is ever looking to do herding:

Iron Spoon Ranch
7040 W Baseline Rd, Laveen, AZ 85339
Linda Bruzda
June Huddleston

Email response:
Thank you for asking about herding....we have lessons and instinct testing on most Saturday mornings. We will not be having lessons this Sat March 20 because we have a herding trial we are participating in. We will be offering lessons during the week soon. June just had shoulder surgery and is not able to work the dogs by herself for a couple of months but when she recovers enough we will be offering lessons during the week.

OK...instinct testing is $25 and if you think this is something you and your dog would have fun doing then we will offer lessons. They are 4 lessons for $140. We have individual/group lessons on Sat mornings and we are starting around 7:30-8:00 now and as it gets warmer the time will be earlier too. There are 3 of us training and we have around 7 different areas to work the dogs in, depending on how advanced the dog and handler are determines where you will work. We have you work for 15-20 minutes and then take a break, get the dog some water and cool off. You can't work for an hour straight, too much for the dog and sheep and you....its a lot of fun and we have a great group of students that come over.

Hope to meet you soon,
Ok, I also got a response from Circle L Stockdogs located at 12217 E Bluebird Dr, Chandler, Az 85249, (480)963-3747

Wendy said they offer all levels of obedience as well as herding and agility, but for herding they only use cattle and with Finn's hip issues he would be better working on a smaller scale such as with ducks or sheep. Check out her website for pics of their agility, herding and obedience work. I don't know how their prices work but their website indicates flexible schedules and reasonable prices. I might consider them for obedience.
Someone referred me to this place http://www.psrstockdogs.com/PSR_Stockdogs_index.htm.


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