Well everyone, let's see when and where would be best for July's meetup.

Some possible dates are Saturday the 18th, Saturday the 25th, or Sundays the 19th or 26th.

We'll definitely push the time to later in the evening because of the heat.

Possible Parks:

Foothills Dog Park on 57th Ave and Union Hills.
Rose Mofford Sports complex, 25th Ave and Peoria
Washington Park on 23rd Ave and Glendale

If anyone has another suggestion feel free to give it!

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the 25th or later dates are good for miko, she just got over her cough so the 18th is too soon as she is still probably contagious. im not sure where everyone is located so these parks might be too far for some but there are two great parks around the peoria area ...one on peoria and 25th called the Rose Mofford Sports complex, or another named Washington Park on Glendale and 23rd ave (which is miko's favorite park).. but im okay with going to wherever as long as it is within 25 miles of DT Phoenix.
Those two parks are fine with me, they're still not too far, but a little closer to everyone else so I'll add them to the list. Thanks! And I can't wait to meet Miko!
i vote rose mofford, and sundays are always nice because ppl are usually busy on saturdays. rose mofford closes at 10p, so maybe meeting at 7 or 8p?
I can do Saturdays but not sundays because we take seth home then.... As for location isn't Rose the one when the Corgi rescue holds their meeets?

BUT I have news...!! We got a puppy! not a corgi she is a mix but someone found her wandering the streets of peoria and couldn't keep her so we went and picked her up!! I can't wait for you guys to meet her but I will bring her as soon as she's fully vaccinated. She is just 6 weeks old and my 3 have no idea what tot do with her... Maddie thinks she's her mom bull has no idea what she is and romeo is like o crap not again! lol. I post some pics soon when I can get acute one with them all together.
We can't go on the 25th. It's my niece's 2nd birthday party and we'll be busy all day. The following weekend would be better but if the 25th works for all of you then that's fine, we'll just catch you at the next meet up. I know this one is being planned late in the month so our options are more limitted.
Aww.. Well, we could always try the following weekend, but it will technically be August by then, hehe. Come to think of it, we'll be moved to Buckeye already! :/ Anyone up for the Avondale or Goodyear dog parks? Just kidding!! I don't want you guys to have to drive that far. We'll see what we can do...
I don't think anything was ever decided. I think we'll have to wait for the August meet up anyway. We have a busy weekend.
Yeah.. Sorry everyone. I tried to plan something but I just moved 2 days ago and now I'm so busy with cleaning out our old apartment, unpacking, and our opposite work schedules, plus my husband still can't ride his motorcycle to work so we only have one car... And our commute to work is not helping. Man it's so hectic right now! Oh well, I'm sure everything will settle down sometime soon. I just found out today that we will have to pay the lease cancellation fee in 6 months.. At least it's not all at once but it's still going to come out to $270+ a month on top of all our other bills... x.x Please pray for us to get through this.
There is a smaller corgi meet up this sunday around 6pm at Rose Mofford Sports complex, 25th Ave and Peoria. If anyone wants to come out.


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