hello everyone! I get to pick up my 8 week old puppy in a week and I'm so excited! However I am still looking for a crate to take the munchkin home in. It will be a 7 hour drive so I'd like something cozy, like a plastic crate. However when I started looking for crates, all of the smaller ones seem to be made out of fabric. Which sounds comfy and great, but I'm thinking they're begging to get chewed apart by a puppy :). I had a plastic one my mom offered to loan me, but it's a little too small. Has anyone had any luck with a particular crate, and where did you find it? Thanks!

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When I drove out to get my corg, I opted to get a crate much larger than what was needed for a puppy so when she grew up, I could still use the same crate for trips and vet visits. I chose a plastic airline certified travel crate big enough for a full grown corg.
When we went to get Finn (also a 7 hour drive) we borrowed my Mom's plastic cat carrier but we didn't even end up using it. A new puppy can be anxious leaving his home for the first time and it's more comforting to be near people. I had read that many puppies experience motion sickness and this can be avoided by having the puppy ride in your lap and talking to him and showing him toys will distract him from the car sounds and bumps which are what cause the sickness. We started off with Finn in my lap in the front seat and he whimpered a little but with some soft talking and petting he started to fall asleep. After about an hour he and I moved to the back seat where we laid towels down and he was content there the rest of the trip. I'd lean on my elbow and he'd snuggle up against my arm or on my other hand. If he started fidgeting or if something startled him (he kept dreaming and waking up with a yelp) I would pet him and reassure him and he'd go right back to sleep.
yeah I wish I could do that...I was involved in two nasty car accidents within the past year (neither my fault!). I know how wrecked I was for months afterward and I'd personally feel more secure with the puppy in a crate. I'm definitely paranoid now :). I'd either have to do that, and maybe stick my hand in to comfort her, or find a way to tether her with a seatbelt.
I did find a good travel crate at the animal shelter today, but I'm revisiting the idea of somehow attaching her in the backseat to keep her somewhat secure, but not in a crate, just because you're definitely right, it would be more comforting to be around people.
Almost forgot to add, I will be traveling with my bf. We planned to split up driving so each of us could take a break and sit in the backseat with the puppy.
To secure Finn in the car we use a seatbelt leash. It clicks into the seatbelt and attatches to a collar or harnes. You could get one of these and a small harness and do it that way. They probably sell them everywhere. I know Walmart has them for sure. Here's the link:

Thanks Alice, that looks perfect!
hey did you check out craigslist.org??? They usually had pretty nice crates listed.


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