Howdy! I just brought home a corgi puppy, Rini, a week and a half ago. She is 12 weeks old. Anyone have advice on how to curb her barking? Most of the time, she barks when she needs something, and I oblige, but she will also bark at times when there is nothing I can do for her, such as in the car when she's in her car seat. Is there anything I can do to teach her that barking is not appropriate outside of play time, or when she really needs something?

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Here's the bad news. You are encouraging the behavior that you don't want. When your dog is barking excessively you need to completely ignore it. Everytime you acknowledge her barking, you are teaching her that barking is the way to get your attention. Here's the good news. You can still correct this behavior. What you need to do is to completely ignore your dog when she starts barking. From now on you need to discourage the bad behavior and encourage the good behavior. In this case you need to encourage her being quite and still. It's going to be incredibly difficult to correct his behavior. But she is still young so you CAN correct it. It took me a while to get my dog to behave the way I wanted him to. But I've trained myself to assume that every time it's quiet I should try and see what my dog wants instead.


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