Some people believe that the blue merles are a bit nuttier than other Cardis (this is how I feel about orange Tabbies). So I want to compare stories about our own blues and see if it's true. Tell us about your adventure raising a blue (How was he/she as a puppy? How are they now?) and if you have other Cardis that makes for an even better comparison.

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I've never heard that!!! I don't think Liam has done anything nuttier than a normal puppy but I would be interested in reading other people's stories!!
Well as Captain is my first blue the nutty thing if you want to call it is the he is a cuddler. He will climg his steps to the couch and get right into your face for kisses and then hugs and wants to cuddle. Malibu our tri 2 year girl will get into your face for a kiss but mostly to let you know she needs something.. That would be my first nutty thing will think if there is more.
To answer my own question, I would have to agree that so far, my blue is crazy. :) He's had strange habits since we got him at 8 weeks old such as barking at his food and making little whine/growl noises at it. It can be food in his bowl, on the floor or a treat that is already in his mouth. It's really very funny, but definitely odd. It's not aggression because we can take his food away, take things from his mouth, put our faces by his while he eats and he doesn't care.

Sometimes he will get these sudden bursts of energy and you'll see a crazy look in his eye then his ears go back and off he goes, running through the apartment on a course he made up, doing crazy eights around chairs, zooming between potted plants etc., then it's over as quickly as it started.

He's pretty easy going and just wants to be wherever we are. If I sit on the floor he's instantly climbing into my lap and if I'm in a chair he's laying on my feet. The only thing I would say is a problem is when he throws a fit on the leash. Every so often he decides to be a brat and grab the leash and he'll let you take it away from him a couple times before his fit escalates and he starts growling and will snap if you reach down to correct him. It's very out of character for him and hopefully that will subside after neutering. :) All in all, I'd have to say that yes, our blue merle is a nut!
Aww, Captain sounds like such a sweetie. :)
We have one blue merle and one tri-color and they are both nuts, but no more so than Corgis in general, both Pembrokes and Cardis. Hoover, the blue, is very laid back, very loving and very very quick to pick up on any training issue. I swear he reads up the night before what we will be working on and gets things within 2 or 3 iterations. Scatter, the tri, is alpha in our house, also very loving and a bit more high energy than Hoover. She's smart, but not as quick as Hoover.

I hadn't heard that blues were nuttier than others and from what I've seen in the show ring and from anecdotal evidence, I'd have to say they aren't.
Has no one else heard this? I've heard it from a handful of people and read this comment on other sites. I assumed this was something commonly said. In reality, color should have nothing to do with their behavior but like I said, all orange Tabbies I have owned or met were a bit crazy so when I see one acting bizarre I just write it off as an "orange thing". I know we all love our blues nutty or not and it's great to hear all of your stories. :)
*laughs* I haven't heard that either. Simon's one of the calmest, even-tempered guys you'd ever hope to meet, and out of all the dogs I've owned ranks neck and neck with one of my Shepherds for the easiest puppy ever.

The only thing I can say about him is that he is a self-amusing puppy; throws his own ball for himself, etc... I'm so used to puppies that were like, "Bored, I'm going to destroy this," that it's odd to me to have one who hasn't touched anything in the house accidentally besides things that were his. No wires, plugs, sofa. I can leave him behind for a few hours with the other two Corgis at seven months, uncrated in the living room, and he doesn't touch a thing except his toy basket.

He does talk to things though, just like Finn. He always has, since day one. He growls and yerps at his toys, rolls on his back, gurgles at them, talks to us, the other dogs, the cats. He talks to his food sometimes too - and nope, it's not food aggression either, it's just a discussion with his breakfast and dinner. We say he's saying, "Fooooood, lovely food, ah, how I adore thee!"

Compared to the Pembroke puppy-stage, he's a rocket-scientist, I hate to say. Way different. Honestly, though, I think that's just Simon's foundation and upbringing with his breeder, versus the rescue-rehome of the Pems. :)
Ha ha, I love your description of Simon "talking". It sounds just like what Finn does and it's so cute to watch. :)

I would have to say that Finn is probably the smartest puppy I've ever encountered. Too smart for his own good (or our own good). I wouldn't trust him home alone out of his crate just yet, but I'm glad to here how well Simon is doing with that and hopefully in a few months we can try it with Finn.
I havent heard that blues are nuttier than the rest either. Lance also as a puppy would entertain himself playing ball, holding one ball in his mouth and kicking around the other balls and then deciding which one he wanted in his mouth next. When he plays fetch he will drop it right in front of him and put his paw on it, and then bark at us like come on try and get it!!!!! He cracks me up, I definately say he has character! : ) Lance also is a cuddler he sees me on the couch and and if hes not in a barky mood he will jump up and cuddle right in the crook of me knees as I lay on the couch with my knees bent. I would say lance is a pretty laid back blue as well. He loves entertaining himself with his waggle now throwing it around trying to get the food bits to fall out.
my blue Stewie is much funnier than my pems. He always has stories to tell and because he is just a pup is so active and picking up bad habits from the alfa female. He does his figure eights several times a day,herds the cat and nips the feet of the pems.
wellllll, Fin is only 5 months old, and while he is a GREAT dog, his naughty moments are rather extreme. I owned a Pembroke male who was far more intense than Finbar but I have no other Cardi to compare him to. Fin's good traits far outweigh the 'evil twin' that comes out (usually his witching hour is from 6 to 8 pm).....and his crazy moments include running away from us, running a racetrack around our house....doing the opposite of what we ask, that sort of thing. thanks
Finn's crazy time is usually between 9:30pmm & 10:30pm. That's when he runs his "racetrack" around the house sqeeking a toy all the while. Finnigan is about to be a year old on September 15th and he's still a nut. Maybe when he's 2 he'll calm down a bit. :)


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