Welcome to the Corgi Arts group!

As this is a group for corgi-centric artworks of all types, it would be great if any members could submit a piece they've done to be made into a group image!

Any size will work, but it will probably end up getting shrunk down and/or cropped to be acceptable for upload and might have some text added to it, if that's okay.

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Awesome! The File may be a bit big, but heres my first artwork!

This is my first time on this website, I'm glad I found your group!
Oh, excellent!

Thanks so much for submitting that. It's truly a great lighthearted piece, and really captures the spirit of the pembroke welsh corgi's nature.

I'm going to wait another week or so to see if there are any other candidates before I choose one to use. :)

Thanks again, and welcome to both this group and MyCorgi.com!
Great picture! Do you have anymore?
Here is one that Tim drew of our Pembroke Taz.
Dont know if its possible but how about a rotating image of the month show casing members art?
Here are pictures of Range I took from my Iphone and Photoshoped it.


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