I started around 8 weeks....and she loves it! Does anyone clip their dog's nails on their own?? I'm worried that places like PetsMart will clip them too short...

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I WISH Micha would let me brush her teeth - she has the most terrible breath at times! After the last time of ending up with all the toothpaste on me, I think I'm just going to keep giving her White Bites instead :o)

As for nail clipping, I use a Dremmel instead. It might feel weird to them, but you don't have to worry about cutting too short or pain from the pressure of clippers. If they've never been Dremmel'd, you may want to go slow and let them get used to the sound (like a dentist's drill) before you actually use it. But I'd never use anything else.
I just take my Elvis in to the vet, and they brush and clip his nails as part of a service that they do during check ups :)
i brush their teeth and clip their nails! They dont mind at all. as soon as i got them i started fidlig with their mouth and toes. they dont care anymore. they just sit like good dogs.
Well, it sure is easier to start clipping their nails when they are puppies, they adjust so much better to it. I brushed my corgis teeth and I regularily clip her nails myself and she is fine. I would take your dog to the vet if you are worried about it, or a well qualified grooming place.
Our dogs seem to build up a lot of tarter so we brush their teeth. He (Sebastian) loves it.
As to the nails we never clip them. They wear them down walking so they never need it.
some dogs except the dremel better then the clippers...clip at angles also and clip slowly to not startle or scare them.
I know that this sounds weird but both of my corgi's love orange juice. I brush their teeth with orange juice. YUM! Holly will let me cut her nails but Corey is not into it.
The acids in orange juice might harm the enamel. I'm sure your not doing this everyday. They say apples and strawberries whiten teeth. Maybe take the tooth brush and use those natural juices from your fruit to use as paste.
Dental Health should be a your #1 concern. All my treats and care revolve around this. I went to dental hygiene school so I know the importance to it. Since I have had scaling training I do scale my own dogs teeth. YES..they let me. I start any pup off w/me sticking fingers in their mouth and rubbing their teeth..taking my nails along the teeth and tapping and scratching to make noise and vibrations. As they get older they will already let you manipulate their dentition so then I introduce the brush. FYI...do not use human toothpaste for one...its too foamy and 2. its too abrasive. Canines enamel is softer then ours. Also..they have dental wipes that you can wipe your dogs teeth down with. They have sprays...solutions to add to water called dental rinse...dog food w/special ingredients for the control of tartar. I use all these methods. I really love the additive to water and have not yet had a dog refuse it and its inexpensive. I scale my dogs teeth twice a year and always before breeding a female so her dentition is clean for whelping. I also love cow hooves. They really help knocked off that tartar since that tartar isn't that hard from my dental rinse. My oldest female is 3 and to be honest..my scaling has been very limited since there is really no accumulation of tartar from all my other treatments PLUS..my dogs smile is white and brite. I get several compliments on how white their teeth are. Hope this helps. Oh..one more thing..limit soft food. So any of you who feed raw meals..your dental care needs to be top notch.
Have the toothpaste and brush and just too scared to try! Joy and Butter
Yes, I clip his nails every 2 weeks and cut the hair between his pads and then file his nails....no problem with this. Recently he has started moaning a bit; so I have started singing while I clip...I make up a mournful song that has his name and "good boy" and "handsome boy" in it a lot. It really helps as a distraction. He stops moaning when I sing for him. Joy and Butter
Yes, I have been brushing Gemma's teeth mostly daily since she was little. I'm afraid the chief draw is still the poultry flavored toothpaste rather than the brushing experience itself, but she will still come to me for it even if it is a struggle to brush the back molars well. I also do her nails, but not with a clipper. My breeder shared her dremmel tool technique with me and I've been using it very successfully -a fast one, 20,000 rpm, and sanding drum, no more than 5 count on any nail as it builds up heat friction pretty fast. I use it whenever I start to hear the little tippy-tap of Gemma coming on the tile floor. I also wouldn't ever use anything else. She had them done from 8 weeks on so never really was concerned about the vibration and noise. I started out by treat jackpotting Gemma right before and right after nail grinding and now usually I just do it before a meal so she isn't at all stressed by it, she knows good stuff is coming!
I bought a dremmel for my pups nails. I've always clipped my dogs nails myself, but I've worked at several veterinary hospitals. It's not bad to do it yourself, as long as you know what your doing don't get too close to the quick (the pick part). It bleeds a lot (they'll be fine), but that hurts them too. The dremmel works great as long as they can get over the noise. It's best to sensitize them to the noise first by turning it one in front of them without actually doing it. Then you can grind the nail closer than you could clip it and it doesn't hurt. Still I wouldn't get too close to the quick, but you can usually tell the difference in the way the nail looks. I recommend asking a your vet for instruction if you're unsure. Most Petsmart places have a Banfield hospital in them, too.


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