We just adopted him in May-we're fairly sure he's a Welsh Cardigan and not a Pembroke cross. We were wanting to do the doggy dna test but they haven't added corgi to their database so we're still on hold to determine what mix he is (Just for interest sake-we love mixed breeds, and he's with us forever-but CURIOSITY is getting to us!! LOL)

He's approximately 15-16" at the shoulder (Depends if he's slouching), he has the croup shape of the Cardigan from what I've read, the big tail and the turned out front paws.

Here's a few pics-let me know what you think!

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He is adorable! I would say Australian Cattle Dog. I have done a lot of research on mixes trying to figure out what Wrigley is and I think he looks the most like a Corgi/ACD mix.
Oh my gosh-I just looked up ACD and does that ever look like him!! I've had a few people say 'heeler' and apparently a red or blue heeler is an ACD -I definitely agree-thank you!!
Yep I was going to say Austrailian shephard mix maybe. Whenever I think of something I think my corgi mix may be mixed with I go to google images and search for a corgi- fill in the blank mix and compare the results with what my dog looks like.


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