show your Corgix!...Best Photo!..Max 3 Photo each time! and Please add some information..about your dog!

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Cute! Looks like she is part shiba-inu.

picking up Jax tommorow from a rescue. here are the stats: 5 months old, 20 lbs. boxer/corgi mix.  what does eveyone see? I can go with the boxer/corgi.  brindle color, more of a boxy face, kinda med length legs. Not sure if this is a natural bob tail or docked. I could also say I see a little pit in the face.  I know a lot of rescues with pick a bully breed in place of saying pitbull to get the dog re-homed quicker.  


Wellington is half Chow Chow and half Corgi. He had one brother who looked just like him only with red hair and another brother who was half Corgi and half German Shepherd. Wellie and his brothers had been tied up and abandoned for quite a while before they were found. Wellie loves to dig for mice when we go to the dog park (and he's very good at it).  The first picture is the second summer I had him, when I got him a haircut because he is so very furry. He's not very fond of water but he'll follow me anywhere. The second is at a Halloween costume contest where I used to work. Wellie was Robin Hood. His tunic slipped sideways and his bow (as in bow and arrow, not hair bow) was dragging on the ground and his hat slipped to one side. He didn't have a very good time. That's his sister Frankie behind him. The third picture was taken in February on his 8th birthday. I picked Valentines Day for his birthday because he's mommy's little sweetheart. He has a little cave area under the kitchen counter.





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