I recently bought an 80-200 f/2.8 Nikkor lens for my D200 and really like the way you can blur the background. Of course, you pay the price, not only monetarily, but the weight is substantial. Shooting wide open, or stopped down one f-stop will yield a soft, blurred background. I have another 80-200 but, it's an f/4.5 and can't achieve the effects with it as I can this latest and greatest acquisition.


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I imagine you did! Your experience has served you well in your current photographic endeavors with Corgis! They do steal your heart, don't they? Fill up a wall - they won't care just as long as they get their treats, love, playtime and praise, right?
"Fill up a wall - they won't care just as long as they get their treats, love, playtime and praise, right?"

Absolutely. He gets plenty of of that for sure. He's totally spoiled. I'd say not a lot of corgis get grilled salmon, chicken, trout, and steak in his kibble, sweet potato on Friday nights, shredded carrots, and if he's not especially hungry, Daddy will bring his bowl to the couch for him-then, he'll eat!! But, I dearly love this boy and he's all I have so, why not?:)
Well, my furkids aren't allowed to read your post...hehe! Whenever I've asked my husband if he thinks our furkids are spoiled, he always says, "they aren't spoiled, they're Corgis!". That's wonderful that you 'spoil' your furkid - they are truly kindred souls and it will never truly 'spoil' them at all. Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your amazing photos!
Here's one of my favorites I took in the back yard. He's an easy subject-just wait and he'll pose!
Well, it didn't make it for some reason...try again.


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