Taking pictures of Bubba is my favorite past time. He's the main reason in the past six months I've gotten a Nikon D80 and D200 with several lens- all because of my little Corgi buddy who is most photogenic. Here's a few of him I've taken recently. I do PP(post processing) in order to remove sticks or other objects from the foreground or background and stray hairs on his black back, etc. That's more time consuming than taking the photo but can yield great results.

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I got my D40 SLR the birthday after my brother decided to get an even BETTER camera. This happened to coincide with Didi's 4th month so I really learned about taking pictures on a puppy.
Trial by fire. O_O
We use a Canon Rebel XSI

omigosh, the last one with the muck on the face is PRECIOUS
He was having soo much fun!
Hope you don't mind but I cleaned her up a bit and sharpened the image a touch. I do this to my Corgi all the time to eliminate stray hair, sticks in the background, etc.
Penny's puppy pictures were taken with a Canon XTi, but we have recently upgraded to a Canon 50D. The majority of Penny's big girl pictures are taken with this one. We love this camera. I think most people who go the digital SLR route get hooked. Once you learn the basics of the camera, it's just too easy to take really great pictures. The best thing is you don't have to be a professional to take good pictures. Below are a couple of my favorites taken with the 50D.
Playing ball is serious business...

Testing the water?

Great photos!!!!
Im kinda new to photography,,,I love it and have a good time on weekends taking pic's,,,although my camera goes everywere with me lol,,,,I love to photograph my Cooper and Nature,,,I have a Canon XT with ultrasonic IS 70-300mm,Canon 18-55mm,Super wide Macro 0.42XAF Tokina Lens,,,and Fish eye also which is fun,,,, Cant wait to get some good shots this spring for the contest :o) You are all wonderful on this sight and im having alot of fun reading about other sweet Corgi's :o) ~tina~ and Cooper
Cooper Doo :o)
too cute!
I just purchased a Nikon D60 DSLR kit for my fiance's (Maureen) birthday. She has been in to photography for many years ( and uses a whole lot of term and phrases that rival me and my gearhead buddies) with a fondness for the 35mm format. The current pics of Trixie have been shot with an older Olympus point and shoot, so hopefully the pics will get better. The new camera should get all of us out of the house for many future day trips around Arizona, and provide many Photo ops for Trixie at some of the states attractions.......We will post them as they happen..
I currently have three cameras.

A Canon Rebel XT
A Canon 40D
and a Canon 1D classic. I love all three though get the most use out of my 40D, I'm 'gifting' the XT to my father for christmas and considering selling the 1D though I simply LOVE the small file size and the look of the images right out of the camera.

I'm considering adding a Nikon D50 as it has the ability to take older lenses that I find very often around here, though I'm NOT a Nikon fangirl I'm afraid, I believe it would be fun to tinker with it though.

I'd love a Canon 1Ds II and a Canon 7D for my next two cameras though. :)


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