Taking pictures of Bubba is my favorite past time. He's the main reason in the past six months I've gotten a Nikon D80 and D200 with several lens- all because of my little Corgi buddy who is most photogenic. Here's a few of him I've taken recently. I do PP(post processing) in order to remove sticks or other objects from the foreground or background and stray hairs on his black back, etc. That's more time consuming than taking the photo but can yield great results.

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I have two cameras-a Nikon D80 and my most used one, the D200. Recently, I added yet another lens to my family, an 80-200 f/2.8 and love it despite its size and heaviness. It takes superb pics and shooting between 2.8-4 it blurs the foreground/background enough to emphasize the subject much more than any other lens I have. I think it'll be a keeper.
Great shots! I also have a D200. I'm currently saving up for a D700 :)


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