Augie is from Wisconsin. His Mom was Cassie and his dad was Sunny. His breeder's name is Amy Gourley.
Charlotte is from Kirklin, Indiana. Her kennel was MudCreek, and breeder is Connie Bouse. Her mother was Skeeter, and father, Wrangler.
Sound familiar, anyone???

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I got my corgi from Iron Horse Ranch II in Irrigon Oregon. Brenda Shockman was the breeder, I believe KC's dad was Milton and I don't remember her mother off the top of my head lol. Would love to here from her siblings or anyone that has one of Brenda's dogs, I personally love mine and can't wait for her to have some more available.
Lucky Pups
Addie is from Sabinal Texas. Mae Kaufmann is her breeder out of Tune by Elvis.
Elvis is Sport's dad too! We got him from the same breeder!
Really how cool. I just love the Kaufmann's - who is Sport's mom!
Cloud is from Fort Worth Texas, well Poolville Texas to be precise (30miles NW of Fort Worth). His wonderful breeders name is Ree Salter. She's a very kind woman who you can tell wants the best for her pups. The kennel name is Wits End, a very large 100+ acre ranch. Cloud's father is Greatshire's Scout of Blumoon, and his mother is Wits End Meeka. Cloud has 1 brother, who was considerably larger than Cloud, and 1 sister. I remember them well because I was able to play with all three when I drove up there to see which one would fit in well with my lifestyle. All three pups were born July 8, 2008. It's a great place all around.

We are currently on Wit End's list for a potential puppy next year! :)

My Corgi Heidi is from San Diego County. She was born on August 25th, 2005.
She had a brother and a sister. I have to go through her paperwork to get her parents info.
Any S. California Corgi's out there?
Queenie is from a breeder in Phelan, Ca. Rope Prayer Ranch. She was born on Sept 6, 2006. Her mother is Deep Red Merlot and her father is Tre is Rising. I wonder if anyone has one of her siblings.

Chico is from Ohio, a breeder I found on He was born on August 3,2007. His mother is Karma Rose and his father is Gizmo Rose.
Is anybody Related to us?
Bailey is from Rope Prayer Ranch as well. She has different parents though. But we're kind of related!
Carols Corgis from OK Doghouse in Oklahoma.
Bella is from Powhatan, Virginia. Her breeder was Davina Lancaster.


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