I thought it'd be easier to categorize where we got our corgis from by state than clicking through the many pages of comments. Hopefully this will catch on!

DOB: 8/12/09
Sire: Angus
Dam: Meaghan
Breeder: Poso Creek Puppies (Kim Beachler)

DOB: 12/21/07
Breeder: DryCreek Pembroke Welsh Corgis (Becky Carl)

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Just checked his pedigree.

DOB: 10/15/07
Sire: Angus
Dam: Fanny
Breeder: Poso Creek Puppies (Kim Beachler)

Looks like we have half brothers! How cool!
Bella was Born 7/709
Sir: Star Views First and Formost (RedWhite)
Dam: Squaw Valleys tootsie/ Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Red/White Marking
Breader : Poso Creek Puppies (Kim Beachler)
Bella's little face is so cute I can't stand it! Corgi puppies are just the best. I'm glad you went to Kim! She's a great breeder and really cares about her animals. It's great to see Corgis from the same kennel as Conan. It's like an extended Corgi family!
Dexter came from Poso Creek as well! He was born in April 2009, Sire is Gilby and Dam is Paris. Kim Beachler is great... Dexter was the first puppy taken from the cage full of two litters... there were about 15 tiny puppies in there when we got him! It was the best sight ever! We picked him out when he was 1 day old, and got pictures every other week until we finally picked him up. We also met somebody at Huntington Dog Beach with a pup from her.
We have Brian's Sis. Her name is Yolie.

DOB: 8/12/09
Sire: Angus
Dam: Meaghan
Breeder: Poso Creek Puppies (Kim Beachler)

We are going to get another puppy from Kim pretty soon. Any insight into having two Corgis in the house would be most appreciated. We love our Yolie. We agree, Kim has the best Corgis around for both looks and temperment. TIA.
All I can about having two Corgis is your happiness will be doubled, and get ready for a wild ride! It must be like having twins -- what one doesn't think of, the other one does!

By the way, our Harley's parents are also Meaghan and Angus. His birthday is February 8, 2009.
I saw this comment after I had posted to the main group, so here is a repeat of what I said there:

Both of my dogs are from Poso Creek Farm in Bakersfield, CA. My male, Harley, was one a year old on February 8. HIs father is Angus and his mother is Meagan. My female, Sophie, will be 6 months old on July 29. Her father is Gilby and her mother is Dana.

My corgis are from Cypress (Jan Sheets) in Vacaville and Nebriowa (Tim Mathiesen) in Cotati.  My other corgis who have passed away were from Bundocks (in Sebastopol) and Cezanne (in Turlock).  I have found one littermate (for the corgi from Nebriowa) on this site and another from a different website.

We have Brian's & Yolie's brother!


DOB: 8/12/09
Sire: Angus
Dam: Meaghan
Breeder: Poso Creek Puppies (Kim Beachler)


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