I have a 2 year old male out of Pynewood Touch of Frost and would love to find some siblings out there? Would love to get to know any family members out there!

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I have a pup from Pynewood Touch of Frost, but he was born this year! So, I guess they would still be siblings!! =)

Hi! Great to find someone else with a Pynewood baby! I know have 2! I have one that is 3 1/2 years old (male tricolor) and a female born this past November (blue female). I love them both dearly! Mine are very different in temperament. My boy is super smart, somewhat quirky, and the love of my life. My female is much more care free and free spirited. Interesting that they both have the same dad. Their differences compliment each other very well! Would love to hear about your boy! 


Hi!!!! Tesla and Luna ARE full sisters! I actually remember seeing her on puppyfind before I decided to get Luna. I was SO tempted to get her! Then she went off and Luna came up. That is super exciting. I adore my Pynewood kids! They are the best dogs that I have ever had! Luna is completely happy, goofy, and fun. Her half brother Panda is more serious but also goofy and a super star at rally. Glad to meet you! Keep in touch!


That is neat to hear. Luna is much more energetic/crazy than her half brother Panda...they must get it from their mom :) I want to say they were from a litter of 8 or 9. You definitely did snatch her up because I mulled over it for a few days and then she was gone! It worked out though because I can't imagine having anyone but my Luna-tic. :) I am starting rally with her (which I already do with Panda). Panda is very serious and dedicated where Luna is just happy and bouncy and less focused. I am thinking with the extra energy, we may move on to agility, but I wanted to get a base in rally first. It teaches them a little more obedience and focus.  Quick question...how big is Tesla??? Luna is TINY compared to Panda. She is barely over 20 pounds where Panda is 34. I was wondering if Tesla was petite too. 

I am so glad to get to know you!!! Keep me updated on your girl! I feel like we are family! :)


I'm glad she is small too! I guess their mom must have been on the petite side. Who is their brother? I would also love to meet more of their siblings! Panda is 34 pounds, so he looks enormous compared to Luna. haha. Luna was not really food motivated at first, but since my other two dogs are super food motivated, so she learned to be.

Have you done any training classes with your girl? Panda and Luna are currently taking rally classes, and it is tons of fun! Panda got his title in novice recently. Luna hasn't gone to any competitions yet, but I hope to soon...just have to find time.

I send Laura pictures every once in awhile. Sometimes I hear back, but most of the time, I don't. I talked to her a lot on the phone when I was getting the two, but then once I had them, she didn't respond much.

I'm glad we found each other!


OMG, Tesla is from Pynewood!? I've been following her on tumbler since I saw her on OCD months ago! I always wondered because I would see a lot of Gunther's personality in her! They are half brothers and sister! :)

so cool to know they are related! Tesla is SOOO beautiful! I LOVE the PERFECT split on her face! I have never see anything like it! So funny that I had a feeling deep down that they were some how related just by the looks she gives! I was actually meaning to ask you on tumbler for a while now where she was from, but kept forgetting! lol


What year was Gunther born? He is a cutie! I have one from 2010 and one from 2012. :) Both are out of Touch of Frost.

this year! He will be 1 on 1/10! So cool to find some 1/2 siblings :) One of his litter mates actually found me on instagram, so it's really cool to see her growing up too! Such beautiful and well tempered dogs from Pynewood!


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