Copper was born in November 2006. Her sire is CH SUA Mah Drifan Grand Occasion PT and her Dam is Rocky L Phantom of the Opera. Any sibs out there?

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Yes, two in Napa, one in Eldorado Hills and I have one here at Rocky L Ranch. I'd have to check my records to remember where the rest are. Rocky L Phantom of the Opera (Meg) passed away at age 4 before finishing her championship, for some mysterious reason not even a necropsy could find out; it was very sad. CH Sua Mah Drifan Grand Occasion PT (Tux) is still with his owner in Chico (I think). How is Copper these days?

Copper is good. She has been healthy, frappy, typical corgi girl. I retired not too long after we got her and she is my shadow. 24-7. This last year was a little emotionally hard on her when our daughter moved to LA for school. She is home for the summer and within a few days, Copper developed an intestinal stomach upset and we put her on flagyl immediately but all tests came back negative. Vet figured Copper just got so excited and overworked with Alex being home. It scared the heck out of us. Copper is fine now. But i am dreading how she will be when our daughter heads back to LA.

I have one of Lisa's pups from Rocky L Ranch. Milo was born 4/18/11. Sire was Tams Monte Carlo and Dam was Rocky L Good Golly Miss Molly. I'd like to say we're cousins...we're in Vero Beach, FL now. 

Hi cuz! It says florida on your profile. Wow! World traveler. So neat. Wish there were more Corgis in Amador County for Copper to have a playdate with. I keep Copper away from most dogs ever since she got her back strained playing with a friends golden retriever. She needs buddies her size.


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